Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're sooo big!

Here's Jack playing catch with daddy...

Jordan pushing his walker and...

Addison trying to escape!

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  1. Awwwe, you 3 sure are getting SO BIG!!!! Jack, wow what a great arm. I can see the Redsox shirts now with 'RANNILA' on them and the fans in the stands Holding up the JACK (K)(K)(K) signs! Jordan, you are really going with that walker. What a big boy you are. Tell Mommy and Daddy that before they know it you'll be running with out it! Addie, you get cuter and cuter every day. Sorry they had you locked up, good job trying to escape though! Oh and Great Crawling now. Your a PRO!!!! Love you all and miss you tons. Give your Mommy and Daddy kisses and hugs from all of us!