Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tappers, Climbers, Bad Drivers...OH MY!

I was behind the scenes this week helping mommy catch Jordan & Addison being silly. I love the camera so much that I am starting to think a career in photography is in my future. We all know that Jordan is standing up on his own and sometimes standing "alone" without hanging on to anything. (not really sure why he thinks he needs to do that, its not like mommy or daddy won't come help us get stuff if we need them) Well, Addison has been a little jealous of all of the attention Jordan has been getting. She also hears mommy talk about teaching dance classes and she's told she can take classes in a few years. I think she REALLY wants to the center of attention. I also think she's trying to show off to mommy so she can get into classes earlier then 3 years old! Here she is tapping away in our playroom. Don't miss Jordan at the end. I think he may need a lesson in driving...

If Addison was annoyed at Jordan's standing (by the way -he took 1 step without hanging on to anything yesterday! He stepped right into Vicki's arms) she's going to be REALLY annoyed when she hears this. Jordan has learned how to climb the stairs. I have a feeling Addison will be spending her week planning her next publicity stunt. I wonder if she has a publicist for that?

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