Monday, June 28, 2010


We spent Saturday with our cousins and Auntie Dawn & Uncle Mark on their boat. I wasn't exactly sure what this "boat" they spoke of was, but I know my daddy said there was water involved and you all know me, I won't miss a party that water is at!
When we got to the lake, they were all in the boat already and we just needed to get our life jackets on and in the boat ourselves. I should've known that I wouldn't like a "life jacket" I mean, the name itself makes me nervous. After mommy, daddy and Auntie Dawn struggled (and fought us) to get our life jackets on, Uncle Mark started the engine and we were off in the boat on the lake. Let me tell you, this boat goes REALLY fast and we got splashed with water (the best part) as we bounced along. I thought it was so much fun, even better then our bouncy horse or bouncing on the bed. Jordan and Addison loved it, too.
We all got uncomfortable wearing our life jackets though, they were up under our chins and really hot. Luckily, we stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and got to go swimming to cool off. I was the only of the Riplets to go swimming, too! I felt pretty brave getting in but it helped that Jonah was there to make sure I could do it.
Here's a few pictures of us from the day. Enjoy!

Jonah, Mommy, Me, Jordan

Can you tell how much we love these life jackets?
Here I am...about to dive in!

Mommy's New Job

Mommy thinks taking care of us is a breeze because she's taken on another job (besides being a dance teacher during the school year)...a contributor for The Fabulous Won! We're excited for her, since we get to join in the fun, too.

Check out her debut today during their Site Warming Party. We'll be making a guest appereance this morning so you won't want to miss it!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mid Summer Blog Party...Sneak Peek!

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July is just around the corner (can you believe only a week away?!) so we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at what's to come during our Mid Summer Blog Party. Starting on Friday, July 23rd each of the following blogs will be hosting their own giveaways and events for our community blog party. Don't miss out on meeting these fabulous women and their blogs, I guarantee you'll have a great time! Here's who's going to be partying with us:

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

20 Months Old

Only four months to go until our "terrible twos". We must seem older to mommy because she told us they are already here. (hehe)

Here's our "official" 20 month old photo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Weekend of Fun!

This weekend we took Daddy to a food festival in town to celebrate Father's Day with him. Mommy organized it and g'ma Jean, Auntie B, and Uncle James all came with us. We had a great time riding around in our choo choo and sampling different foods from the area. Okay, mommy told me to say that really- we didn't like any of the food they tried to give us! Luckily, our diaper bag was prepped with sandwiches, cold sippies and some snacks. G'ma Jean even offered us a taste of the pie she got but none of us wanted it.
While we were there, we got to meet a big green dragon. I am not sure who he was or why he was there, but I smiled at him and so did Jack. We thought it was best to be polite in case he was a mean dragon. Addison, on the other hand looked at him and started crying. I told her afterwards, that'ss a good way to get our butts' kicked by a dragon.
Besides eating, they had a live band playing (nothing we knew, no Sesame Street or Veggie Tales tunes- bummer) and we got to get out and play on the lawn. I didn't want to play, I was much more interested in running on the sidewalk as far as I could. Notice mommy holding my hand in these pictures? I tried to get away but she insisted I walk with her. What's the fun in that?!

After the festival, we went back to our house to cool off in our pool. Again, I had no interest in getting wet so I went on the swing. Jack and Addison spent the rest of the afternoon splashing in the pool in the shade. Here's a few pictures, enjoy!

Addison finding weeds to touch and try to eat

Me just lounging...

Jack splashing in the pool

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

The votes are starting over today, which will help up get towards the top. You can vote once each day per computer- THANK YOU!
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jack, jordan & addison

Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Memere

This is for you, Memere! Mommy let me wear my pretty, new dress you sent me from Matilda Jane today. Its a really warm summer day and we got to go play outside on the swings already and go for a walk. Here are a few pictures mom took of me while my brothers were swinging. Enjoy!

There's nothing like sitting on my favorite chair, eating a rock on a summer morning...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Favorite Part of the Morning!

Okay, Addison may not agree with me on this one, but its my post so too bad. hehe

Mommy has us on a routine each morning. We like it that way, because we always know what's going to happen next. Jordan and I love when its time to go down stairs and play. Mommy let's us climb down the stairs by ourselves and then tells us to run around and get out all of our "crazies" out. I do my part by running and screaming and shutting doors on Addie and Jordan. I especially like to shut Addison in mommy and daddy's closet when she's in there looking at mommy's shoes. She hates it and usually screams for a long time afterwards. I do it to get even for the many times she's bullied me. I can't really sit on her or try to push her around, she's bigger then me!

Anyways- the other fun part of playing down stairs each morning is being able to bounce on mommy and daddy's bed! We always climb up on it and then ask mommy to bounce us up really high. (okay, so you all know we barely talk-- but we usually play charades with mommy so she knows what we're talking about). I've been getting brave and I'll try to stand up on the bed, too! Its fun and Jordan always laughs when I try.

Here's a few pictures of us on the bed. Enjoy!

Check out this finally picture. Mommy finally found us a park with three swings. It was on accident, too...we were just going to the cemetery to visit mommy's grand parents (our great grand parents) and the little town its in had them! So, mommy says this picture if for you, Beth!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're a Featured Blog the Week!

We are the featured blog of the week this week at This Mama Rocks. Mommy is really excited about this. She has been reading this blog for awhile now and was really happy when she was contacted about being a featured blog. Go check out This Mama Rocks today and add her to your blog list, too!

ItalicThis week has been a rainy one, with only a few patches of dry weather for us to go out and play. Of course, mommy had other plans for us. She decided because it was cooler weather to put us in one of our product review outfits and do a photo shoot. Needless to say (after seeing the pictures below) we were not thrilled. This was a shoot for Eden's Bouquet. They are a sponsor for our Mid Summer's Blog Party in July- you won't want to miss it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Day at the Park

Today we got to go to a different park then we usually do. It was one we had been to once before but, the last time we went it was sooo hot! It was so much nicer this time. There was a great breeze and it was a cloudy day, so we didn't have to worry about the hot sun while we played.

We started out in the swings, but of course there were only two of them, so Addison had to go play with mommy. After the swings, Jack and I headed over to a new section we'd never played on before. Mommy called it a "jungle gym" but I didn't see any monkeys or trees so I'm not sure why she called it that! Either way, we had a great time climbing all over it and sliding down the two slides.

Here are a few pictures of our day. Enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Broilerfest

We finally got to go to the carnival my mommy has been telling us about. Its one she's been going to since she was little. Mommy told us that they had a BIG slide and a bunch of fun rides we could go on. The boys were excited to hear about that, while I was more interested in the food she said they had. She said they have the very best charcoal chicken in the World.

We went on Saturday after our morning naps. I was so excited to go eat lunch at the carnival! I was slightly disappointed (okay REALLY mad) when mommy pulled out our PB&J sandwiches from home. How embarrassing?! Who brings their own lunch to the carnival? I guess The Riplets do, that's who. Luckily, we got to eat in our choo choo wagon while everyone pulled us around to see the rides, games and people. Mommy seemed to know A LOT of people. Everyone kept coming up to us asking "are these the triplets?!" I wish I could've told them, "nope, just three kids about the same age that mommy found on her way here". hehe

Let's get to the good stuff. We got to go on a few rides while we were there. We started out on a car ride and daddy found us a tank to ride that had three steering wheels all in the front for us. I thought it was okay, until it started moving. Then I hung on to the railing for dear life! Jordan was really embarrassed about being three in the front and just covered his eyes for most of the ride. Jack on the other hand had a blast. Infact- we've decided that if mommy & daddy really decide to only let one of us drive, we'll let Jack have the honors. That way Jordan and I can goof off while he drives us.

Here's a few pictures of our fun day. Enjoy! Don't forget to check out mommy's giveaway today from Loopty Loo Designs and today is our cousin's birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAIAH!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our First Day at the Pool!

Its that time of year again, when we get to head to the pool for a day of fun! I had no idea what mommy was talking about when she kept telling us we were going to "the pool". We've played in our backyard a few times this year already and we splash in our wading pool . I was so excited when we got there and I realized it was the POOL! The big one, from last year.

We met Auntie Dawn and my cousins (Isaiah & Eli) and we got a spot in the shade to park our choo choo wagon and leave our stuff. Then, mommy & Auntie Dawn got us into our swim suits and swim diapers and all lotioned up. I don't want to tell you how embarassed we all were that they changed us in the middle of everyone. I didn't see one other person getting nudy at the pool. I think I'm going to have to point out the "dressing rooms" next time we go.

The first thing Addison and I did when we were let free, was run in different directions. (hehe) We thought it was funny to see everyone run after us. Addie and I spent most of the time together, in the graduated end of the pool, splashing and playing with a few toys. Jordan had no interested in the water, he just wanted to run back and forth on the cement by the life guards.

Mommy packed us a lunch, but I didn't want to eat it. I LOVE the pool, how could I not remember this place?! Infact- I screamed and kicked (this is such an effective way to get attention) until finally they took me back to swim. It didn't last long, Auntie Dawn told me she was hungry and that we had to eat lunch. I went, but I wasn't happy about it. Infact- I kept telling them "moe", "moe", "mooooore!!!"

Here's a few other pictures of us at the pool. Enjoy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

We're Back!

We have a lot of catching up to do for you, sorry we were gone! Mommy's new computer crashed on Memorial Day (while she was trying to announce the winners of her blog party) and we haven't had a computer to post with since then. I was having major with drawls, I couldn't check my emails, my stocks, facebook?! I was lost.

First of all, A LOT has happened in the past week plus that we've posted. I got my first hair cut EVER. Mommy did it and it looks pretty good. I don't have a specific picture to show you of it and the back (its somewhere but mommy can't find it right now) but I'll post one soon.

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend. Mommy & Daddy took us on a drive to Auntie B's and Uncle James' house. They have the best yard we've ever seen! It is fenced in so everyone let us run around wherever we wanted to. We got to try out their play set, which had its own sandbox underneath which Jack really enjoyed...eating. (yuck!) It also had swings and a slide. Addison loved the swing and was mad whenever she slid off of it. It was a "big kid" swing with no back to it. I personally loved the hill they had for me to run down and then run back up. Jack couldn't figure out how to get down it on his own (lol, what a rookie) so mommy had to hold his hand going down each time.

Here we are eating lunch at their house. Addie said maybe next time they could let us sit at the table instead of treating us like the dog and making us eat on the floor. (lol) I loved it, we could throw our food and then pick it back up again. It was a fun game!

Here are a few other pictures from the day, Jack is going to also try to post today about our first day at the pool. That happened yesterday and there are a few pictures we'll show you, too. Enjoy!

Auntie B & Addie

All of us checking out the yard

Uncle James & Daddy took us on a walk

Don't tell Addison about this one...hehe