Thursday, September 23, 2010

23 Months Old

Today we are 23 months old. Our mommy & daddy have been blessed with our presence now for 23 whole months! Mommy says it seems like its been a lot longer then that- it must be because we are so much fun.

Mommy says in exactly one month from now we can stop using such high numbers and just say we are "2". I like that idea, we sound so mature that way. Here's the closest mommy could get for a photo of the three of us looking in the same direction as the camera. Its pouring down rain at our house so her original plan fell through (she was going to make us all three sit on a park bench because we can't get down very quickly yet). Since we were indoors, she bribed us with yogurt melts and sippies. I have to say, it kept all three of us entertained for a good 30 seconds!

Here's our "official" photo...don't miss next month's when we turn 2!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apples & Corn Mazes

Well, its that time of year again when mommy and daddy take us on new adventures on the weekends. On Sunday afternoon, we got to go to a winery and corn maze along with some more apple picking.
The corn maze at first wasn't very much fun...until we found out there was mud to play in along the path. Jordan and I decided we loved running in it and running through the maze with Daddy, Ba, and Uncle James. Addison, Auntie B, G'ma, and mommy were party poopers and only made it down one path on the maze and then turned around. I'm pretty sure it was because we were already way ahead of them, winning the race.

At the apple orchard, mommy and daddy took us down to the trees to pick some apples again. Unfortunately, they didn't know that people aren't allowed to pick their own apples at this one, so we got scolded and sent away. We all decided we'll never go back to that place again, how rude! Here's a few pictures mommy got of all of us before we were "escorted" off of the premises (not really, but that sounds really dramatic, don't you think?!).
Here I am telling Uncle James & Auntie B that we need to leave because we aren't supposed to be there.
Ba and Jordan picking an apple. Although, Jordan actually decided that anytime any of us picked an apple that he needed to put it back on the tree for us. He actually tried to set each apple that was on the ground back up on top of other apples. Some he even got to balance and stay!

Auntie B is 38 weeks pregnant here...only 2 more weeks to go until we get to meet Corndog (I know, what an odd name for their new baby- so glad they didn't name me!).

and finally...ME hanging out in one of the apple trees.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Family Photos

We just had our family photos taken by mommy's friend, Rachel of Brisham Photography. We weren't being very nice to poor Rachel (we needed to show her who's in charge at the Riplet's household) but she is really good and still could keep up with us. I think its because she's mommy to our new friend, Brighton who came over this week and had a play date with us.

Go to Brisham Photography's links below to see a preview of our photos!

Here's the family just click here.

This set is of just mommy & daddy so click here to see them.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its Time for Fall!

I can't believe its Fall already! I love this time of year for a couple reasons. First of all, it means its going to cool off a little so we can play outside all. day. long if we want to and not be all hot and sweaty. Secondly-- I really get excited because I know Fall means its almost time for my birthday! Okay, okay Jack and Addison said I need to say "our" birthday...but come on, can't I get one day just for ME?! (that is for another post I think).

The final reason I love the Fall is because we get to go visit apple orchards and you all know what that means, right? I get to eat A LOT of apple sauce. I have to admit though, I have no idea where the apple sauce comes from-- I saw a lot of trees today and none of them had a spout?

Anyways- I had a pretty good time at the orchard today picking apples with Daddy, but I was really annoyed at the tall grass and didn't want to have to walk through it. Lucky for me, daddy remembered our choo choo wagon and G'ma Jean pulled me around in it while my brother and sister picked the apples.

Addison REALLY liked picking this year. She wanted to collect all of the apples in her arms (she refused daddy's basket) and had to lick and taste each apple she picked up. Jack liked to taste them, too but he kept choosing the icky looking ones and mommy had to take them away a lot. That didn't make Jack happy but I'm pretty sure it was for his own good.

Here's a few photos mommy captured of us today. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Like Mommy

First though...
I really love my mommy and I really do not like sharing her with my brothers. They just don't get it. I am a girl, so mommy loves me more. I hope they catch on soon because its getting really old when they try to sit on her lap and get hugs from her, too.

I've started to try to copy what mommy does now, just so she sees that we are a lot alike and that we're BFFs. I really like to sit on the couch or chair just like she does or read books or her magazines with her.

My other favorite thing to do is to play in her room. I will go in and dig through all of her shoes and clothes in her closet and pick out a pair of her shoes to wear (that really makes me look just like her, don't you think?). Then demand that she helps me put them on. This morning I was really annoyed and upset because we usually play in her room (my brothers, too ugh) and then I stay in there and lounge on her bed and pretend to be her. Well, Jack and Jordan wouldn't leave and all they wanted to do today was bounce on the bed and bother me. I was also already mad because when I tried to climb up to the bed, mommy's shoes kept falling off. Its hard being a fashionista (*sigh*).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Vacation Photos...

We got back from vacation on Saturday night, but mommy told me we have so many more photos to share with everyone so I told her I'd give you the run down of the rest of our trip.

We have a fun time at memere & pepere's house the second week we were there, despite all of the rain we had to deal with. We went to an indoor water park one of the days and then to a really fun outdoor park to play on our final day there. We also got to celebrate everyone's birthdays with cake and ice cream.

Finally, on our trip home we got a flat tire and had to sit in our car seats on the side of the road! It was kinda fun watching the big trucks and cars zip by us. Mommy said it was really scary, but I think she was just being dramatic. Jordan and I just sat playing with our toys while Addison and mommy had a few snacks. Daddy had to change the tire all by himself but he was really fast!

On the side of I-90 fixing our flat tire

Great Grammy and Grandpa George!

Us with Melissa and her twin boys Nate & Joey!