Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Last Kid Standing

I am the last kid standing when it comes to teeth. That's right, my sister Addison got her first tooth last week and now a 2nd tooth is already starting to peek through for her, too! Meanwhile my brother, Jack has two teeth now and his top front tooth is also bulging and wanting to come through. Can you believe it?! They both have teeth and I still have my gummy smile. Don't worry though, I have them in another area. Ya know who I said I'm the "last kid standing" well, really I'm the ONLY kid standing. I mean that I am the only one of us that can stand not hanging on to anything. I do it all the time now. I love to pull myself up to standing on anything that is near me (even doors and walls and sliding glass doors!) and then I love to show off by holding on with only one hand for awhile. Then, I'll forget and let go and just stand there! Here are a few pictures mommy took of me this week just standing around. I look pretty confident, huh?

Also, this week was the start of FOOTBALL! So we got all dressed up in our Patriots gear and daddy in his Broncos shirt and we watched some football. Here's a picture of us with daddy to start the season.


  1. Jordan stands so upright and proud! I love his little tongue photos!!

  2. Jordan looks so big in the first picture.
    He actually looks like a toddler.
    Oh no slow down.............
    Go Pats!!! and Bronco's!!!
    Hugs and Kisses to you all.

  3. Jordan you look so cute and big standing there like a little man all by yourself. Don't worry about the no teeth thing. You look awefully cute with your gummy smile. Besides you'll get your teeth someday soon! LOVE the picture of you all in your Pats gear. Glad to see no one has tried to turn you into cheese heads yet! Love you all.