Monday, June 29, 2009

June just flew by!

We can't believe June is coming to an end! Between pool days, baseball games (our cousins all play), moving and visits from Memere & Pepere our summer is going by so fast. We have really been making improvements on our schedules for mommy. We all have been trying to sleep for her during the day without giving her a lot of grief. Jordan (who used to be the BEST at this) seems to be having some difficulties wanting to fall asleep though. We told him to just suck on his binky like we do and close your eyes, but he's not really into binkies. Jack told him to snuggle up with his blankie and lay on his side and that might help. Jordan HATES laying on his side though. Mommy says he's probably "teething" but she's been telling us all we've been teething for the past 5 months and no teeth yet! We think this "teething" thing is just an urban legend.

Mommy has also been giving us more meals of veggies and fruits...yummy! (Well all of us but Jordan thinks its yummy at least). Addison's favorite is usually fruits. She especially loves anything with blueberries in it. Jack loves it all but really goes wild when he gets sweet potatoes. Jordan told me if he HAD to choose something that isn't a baba he'd choose bananas. Jordan really just would prefer a baba all the time. We think its because he's always showing off his muscles and he's one of those body builder type guys who only drinks protein babas or something.

Well, since its the end of the month we asked mommy to go through all of our pictures she took of us (she's kinda like the paparazzi she takes TONS of pictures of us all the time) and show you some that didn't make earlier posts. So here are a few more June pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Daddy and Jack on our new deck

Jordan and Addison

Addison sleeping...notice the feet up?!

Muscle boy before his workout

Jordan and Pepere

I love Jack's face looking at his brother!

Mommy & the Riplets on a walk

Daddy and his kids on the same walk

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We turned 8 months old yesterday, yay! Boy were we busy leading up to our new milestone. Mommy and daddy moved all of our things to our new place this weekend. We were really worried on Saturday because we woke up after our naps to see all of our toys (we thought) were stolen!! We had no idea who would've taken them but we suspected that Isaiah or Eli might have wanted them. Jonah seemed a little too old to play with them but the other two were pretty suspicious. Luckily, mommy and daddy took us for a drive and we found all of our things at our new house! Of course Jordan thought that we had just found the "thief's" house and he was ready to steal them back. Luckily Jack (the brains of the group) filled him in that we had actually moved there.
Memere and Pepere flew out to help us with our move. We had such a fun time with them. We showed them all of our new tricks including sitting up, playing with all of our new toys, and Addison showed them all of her new goofy faces. She seems to be a ham whenever they are around, showing them her "Larryboy" face and her big cheese grin with squinty eyes and all.
Of course Memere brought us a bunch of new clothes. They also got us each a floaty for our trips to the pool. On Monday we took our floaties and memere and pepere to the pool with us. We had such a great time playing and splashing in the water. Mommy even went down the water slide. Jordan really thought he should go down it too but mommy was too afraid he'd drown on the way down. Jack had NO INTEREST at all going down the slide, in fact he wasn't that interested in the water either. Addison had a fun time wading out in the water with Pepere though. She liked having her legs dangle in pool because it was a really HOT day.

Here's the pictures from our weekend and from our 8 month old shot. We hope you all enjoy!

out takes from 8 month shots...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Benefits of Being a Triplet

Sorry for the lack of posts, mommy & daddy took away our Internet privileges! Just kidding...but really we've had issues getting online (really bad Internet service) AND we've been busy packing up and organizing for our move across town this weekend.

The past week has been exciting for us. We've all been practicing sitting and playing with our bucket of toys. Addison (the show off) has sitting down to a science and seems to think she needs to make sitting more of a challenge. She now decided to start throwing her toys out of the bucket and immediately trying to retrieve them herself. This always involves a wind up and then throwing her entire body either to the side or forward towards the toy she just threw away. She's a pretty tough cookie though (don't ever tell her that her brothers said this!) because she's been landing on her head A LOT doing this move and she usually doesn't cry.
Jordan is more of a "klepto sitter". He great at it as long as he can sit next to Addison. Why you ask? So he can take EVERY SINGLE toy she is playing with out of her mouth and into his own. He waits for her to retrieve it and then its time for him to make his move. He also has an issue with sharing, once he gets one of Addie's toys he will won't let it go, so he's usually two fisting toys at all times.

Jack has just got the whole sitting concept down. He still uses a boppy pillow behind him to make sure he's steady. He usually chooses NOT to get involved with the other two and their toy wars. Instead, he chooses to talk and talk AND talk away to each rattle and toy he picks up. We're pretty sure he's taking after mommy in the talking department.
Besides sitting, we've started to realize that being a triplet sure has its benefits. Like earlier this week, Addison decided she needed to give Jack a back nice of her! But after about 10 seconds she pushed him on his face and took his toy.
Here's Addie giving Jack a back rub...
Here she is right after pushing him over!
Also this week we've realized that we don't need to walk ourselves in our walkers if Addie is in the other walker. She seems to have mommy's angry driver issues and always pushes the other walker out of her way (with our without one of us in it!) when she wants to get by. If she can't move it she starts yelling at whoever is in it! (Geesh she's got a temper) Jordan really picked up on this and now he gets in his walker and immediately looks behind him hoping Addison is coming to give him a push! See video below:

Mommy told us she's really behind at adding pictures, so here are some random pictures from the past few weeks, too. ENJOY!

Addie & Jack

Jordan clowning around
Mmmmm...flavored baba!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its Pool Time!

After weeks of anticipation, mommy and Auntie Dawn FINALLY took us to the pool they always speak of. We had heard about "the pool" since we moved to Wisconsin but we really didn't get what it was. Mommy told us it was like a really big bath tub. So after going in the pool at the hotel a few weekends ago we didn't think it could get any bigger then that. Boy, were we wrong!! This pool is GINORMOUS (as Elf would say) and its outside, too. So of course before we got to go the first day mommy spent more time lathering us each up with icky sun screen then the time we spent in the pool. But- at least we didn't get sunburn she told us. Whatever that means. We think its when you get all red like Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales because Isaiah got "sunburned" while we were there that first day and he looked like Bob.




To get to the pool mommy needed some back up help because Auntie Dawn already had her boys in her truck. So luckily Manny (aka: Isaiah) volunteered to ride with us there and help us unload the supplies. The second trip to the pool the Tjeltas met us there as we arrived so they helped us then, too. So far we haven't had any MAJOR issues, which mommy says is a good thing because she may be crazy enough to keep taking us back again! All three of us (once mommy got the sun canopy up and our toys, strollers, equipment all set up) really enjoyed the people and the water and all the attention. Jordan and Addison got to go into the water very first with mommy and Auntie Dawn while Vicki stayed behind with Jack because he fell asleep right when we got there!! (We tried to tell him to nap before we left, but of course he didn't listen to us wiser siblings) Once Jack woke up though, mommy took him to sit in the shallow part by himself while we took naps.

Jordan ready to swim, Jack napping in the tent

Jordan lounging with his baba

Addie excited to play with Vicki

Jack lounging with Mommy

So anyways, we all decided the pool is a great place to go on the hot summer days! We can't wait to get back there and kick our feet in the water again...especially at our siblings. What we've learned so far is to nap BEFORE you go or you miss out on things, wear sunscreen or you'll look like Bob the Tomato, and make sure mommy packs extra swim diapers because we learned the hard way they don't hold much!

On a side note, Auntie Britt has told us that she thinks mommy favors Jack because he always has more pictures then the rest of us. Well, Jordan and I have discussed this and we think its because Jack is a "momma's boy" and always hangs on her so he's closest to the camera. Either way though, mommy said Auntie Britt will really pick on her this time... so here you go!!!

Mommy, Jordan, Dawn, Addison


Addie in the sun tent

Mommy & Jack

and us again...