Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is mommy thinking?!

Mommy told us yesterday that we were getting entered into a contest. We had no idea what she was talking about UNTIL she pulled out her camera. That darn thing! So we are assuming it would just mean more paparazzi chasing us again. Ah, the life we live as The Riplets.

The contest is put on by The Gap and Disney Family. We each got entered into it separately and we've already been eyeing up our competition. There are A LOT of really cute kids out there. We really don't expect to win anything but its kinda fun at least trying. If anyone wants to vote for us, here is each of our links to the contest. You can vote once a day up through November 17, 2009. THANK YOU!

To vote for Addison click here
To vote for Jordan click here
To vote for Jack click here


  1. OMG, how can one vote for just one of you? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all. Everyone's pics are gorgeous...Although I do have to say I love Jordan's little standing up pose. Oh and your big cousin Collin said that he'll see if the tooth fairy can make sure to send some teeth Jordan's way. He wonders if maybe the tooth fairy re-cycles teeth..and in that case he's lost his two bottom teeth. Maybe Jack will be the lucky recipient! LOL!

  2. Adorable photos!!

    I have given your blog an award! Check out my latest post!