Monday, September 14, 2009

Need a Birthday Gift Idea?

My brothers seem to LOVE the cordless phone. They fight over it each and everyday whenever mommy gets a call. So I thought I'd let everyone know if you need an idea for them for their birthday gift just give them your old cordless phone. Save your money for my gift please! (hehehe) Here's them fighting this weekend:

This weekend Jordan decided he needed to start working on his standing and walking. He saw his little friend, Jax's video from last week of him with his walker and we're pretty sure that is what got him motivated. Here's a video of him trying to use the walker. He's definitely not as good as Jax is. Which only makes me feel better. He can't learn to walk before me! If you are new to our blog, let me just tell you that I am the competitive one. Ask my brothers they'll tell you "Addison gets mad when we do anything she can't do yet!". I told mommy I didn't think our readers cared if they saw Jordan trying to walk but mommy insists you do.


  1. "Go Jordan Go! Just watch out for those hard floors... the walker really gets away from you then!!" - Jax

    HA! Love it! I love that photo of Addison attaching Jack in the walker LOL. It's all happening so fast now, huh? Pretty soon all 4 of the kids will be "toddling" :) And what is this fascination with electronics? Do the babies love the remote controls too?? UGH! My cell phone has constant slobber on it and I always forget that I took the batteries out of the remote LOL My goodness!!

  2. Everyday there is something new. Jordan looks pretty confident walking. I should be hearing my phone ring soon and it will be one of the triplets. Can't wait!!!!!!