Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sorry we haven't had time to update our blog, we've been really busy trying to learn how to walk. We've been pulling up on all of the furniture and Addie and I have been cruising along everything we can reach...including the cabinets!

This weekend we went to pick out our pumpkins and we got to use our choo choo wagon again, yipee! I wasn't really sure I wanted a pumpkin or why mommy & daddy insisted I get one. Remember I didn't want to even touch one last weekend at the apple orchard. Our trip to the pumpkin patch was a really short one because the weather was really cold and rainy. We did get to see the farm animals and see all of the pumpkins though. Here's a few pictures:

Also- on a side note- Jack is insisting I tell you that his top tooth has popped through completely now so he is ready for that cheeseburger everyone has been promising him. Addison is also trying to take over my post to tell you that she too, has a top tooth coming through. I told them both to back off that this is my post AND that teeth are soooo overrated. Besides, I love jarred food.

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  1. Yeah pumpkin patches! Looks like the kids sit really well in their wagon trolley huh? LOVE that last photo. jack is awesome!