Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We Love a Parade!

A few weeks ago (I know, I know its been months since we've posted! So sorry, I blame it on mommy she's just such a slacker lately. She's always telling us "not now, I need the computer".) on a Saturday morning, mommy and daddy told us they had a surprise for us. They said we were going to pack up the car and head to a "parade". At the time we were all a little leery, since we had no idea what this "parade" is. Of course, since I am the oldest and wisest though, I assured Jordan and Addison that mommy and daddy must know what they are doing and that we should not worry about where they were taking us.

On the way to the parade, we drove by Auntie Dawn's house which only made Addison even more annoyed. She loves going to her house and jumping on the trampoline, swinging and of course just snooping around. Mommy tried to tell her it was all okay, that she'd really love the parade and carnival we were heading to. Well, now once mommy mentioned a "carnival" and "rides" I knew exactly what kind of a fun day was ahead for us!

We arrived at the Broiler fest (that's what mommy says it was called, I like to refer to it as "Grandma's Carnival" since its in the town she lives in.) around lunch time and were told to help daddy find a spot for us to sit. This really confused us all, because they wanted us to sit along the street! Up until this point, we've been told to stay away from the road because cars might hit us. Now we're sitting on the curb?!  Things got even more interesting when the parade started. Mommy handed me a bag and told me to run out in the road when people threw out candy at us. Ummm...what?! Since when is it okay to A. Run in the road and B. Take candy from strangers? This really confused me, but if they said so, I really couldn't complain.

Needless to say, we had a blast at the parade getting candy, balloons and seeing a bunch of kids dressed up in fun costumes. My favorite was definitely the pirate ship. Addison of course loved the Sesame Street float.

After the parade, we headed up the hill to the carnival and got to ride on a bunch of fun rides!! Jordan even met a girl while waiting to get on the train and she asked to sit next to him. So, he's already getting girlfriends. Mommy says "boy...are we in trouble!". Mommy and daddy ate some of the charcoal chicken (its supposedly the best around, we couldn't try it though) and then we ended our day with some ice cream sandwiches.

Here's a few more pictures from the day...Enjoy!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

We had a really fun Easter weekend, but the week leading up to it was a rough one for us! We all three got sick with a cold and then pink eye. I was disgusted when I first realized that Jordan and Jack had gunk all over their eyes. I assumed it was just because they're boys and gross. Then, when I woke up one morning (after a few days of a fever and runny nose) and couldn't open one of my eyes I realized pink eye can happen to anyone! Because we were all sick, all of our normally scheduled activities were cancelled. This just made for a very long week for us and for poor mommy who was stuck inside with us for hours on end.

Finally- by Friday, we started to feel a little better and we're able to go visit g'ma and g'pa. We were really excited to get out of the house! We only stayed for a few hours because Auntie Brittany called to say she was having her baby so g'ma had to leave for the hospital. We were happy though, because we are really loving babies lately. I acted all cool like I really didn't care about this new little girl entering our lives but really I'm a little excited to finally have a GIRL to hang out.

On Saturday morning around 2:30am, Auntie Brittany had little baby Emily. Mommy showed us a picture and she's really cute. Now, baby--er--I mean Noah is no longer the baby and has a little sister! Take a look at how cute she is...
Sunday, we spent the day at Auntie Dawn and Uncle Mark's house for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt. We had such a fun time with our family and loved searching for eggs. We also learned to say "He is Risen!" Here's a few pictures of the weekend...enjoy

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

We've Been Banned

If you've been wondering what happened to us, no worries. Mommy and daddy just banned us from using the internet. Since we got our iPad (from memere & pepere- thank you!) we've been spending our time searching YouTube for videos to watch. I've become a huge "Angry Bird Addict" (according to daddy) So, between me wanting to play and watch all things Angry Birds and Jordan demanding to watch any home video on YouTube about Thomas & Lightening McQueen together we've been told we no longer get internet privileges.

I tried to tell mommy that it only means that our blog will suffer, but she didn't budge on this one. I finally snuck the iPad into my room during "quiet time" (you read that right, we all stopped napping for mommy) just to get you this much!

Here's a few pictures of us mommy got this week...enjoy!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cold, Snowy Days!

Its been a long, cold winter already! I know what you are thinking, "really? its just finally snowed!" Well try being a Riplet, it feels like we've been inside now for YEARS. As of January first, we haven't had a lot to do around here because our in-home therapy stopped. I was a little worried it was because I was being naughty or something (I swear I didn't make them leave, ask mommy!) but then I heard it was something about our health insurance switching companies and now we are no longer covered*. At first I liked having a break from school (so did Addie, she kept asking for more Elmo to watch and I didn't object), but once I realized it wasn't that nice outside to play AND I had all day to play with my toys...well the days got longer and longer!

Lucky for us though, we started up again at our college program (CAP for those of you that remember us going last year) and we even decided to take Jack along with us this time. Its fun to get out of the house each day again and to be able to socialize with all of the college ladies. Addie says its not the same there without Vinny (she says to remind you that's her boyfriend), but she has fun.

You'd think because we had all of this time on our hands that we'd be back to blogging full time again, right? Well, you have to remember we have to entertain mommy now all. day. long and that just gets so tiring! (don't tell her I said that, we pretend like its not a big deal)

Anyways- after a week or two of really cold weather, we finally got lucky and found a day to go outside and play! Here's a few pictures from our fun in the snow. Enjoy!

*Just an FYI, we are on the waiting list to be a part of the WAIVER program that will then kick in and cover us to have in-home therapy again. It looks like July for me and August for Addison though, so we'll have quite a few months without it. Lucky for us though, mommy is helping keep some of the programs (by being our teacher) going so that we can stay on track!

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