Thursday, September 10, 2009


Here's a picture of me threatening Jack, after I found out about the post he just did. Its was on how he has 2 teeth and we both have zero. I first threatened him by telling him I'd take all of his toys and drink all of his babas when he wasn't looking. Well, luckily for me that same day my first tooth popped through! Not that I won't still keep my word (hehehe) afterall, he still is one tooth ahead of me!

Besides our Tooth Wars, the Riplets' house has been pretty quiet. Our cousins started school this week, so we didn't have any friends to play with. Instead, mommy has been goofing off with us a lot. Here's a picture she tried to take of all of us together, but Jordan kept leaving during it! So really, it looks like Jordan took the picture of us.

This week Jack has had a fever and hasn't been feeling like himself. Mommy & Daddy aren't sure if its more teeth (better not be!) or if he's got a bug of some sort. (I wonder what kinda bug he has and why hasn't he showed us?! We love bugs, we really like to try to eat them.) He's been up in the night a lot and he's been wanting to just sit on mommy's lap all day stealing all of her attention. Now do you see why I threatened him? It wasn't just the teeth. Anyways- here's a few pictures of him in his Superman pjs from last night.

Finally, mommy asked me to put these pictures on here from the Minnesota State Fair this past weekend. She had some extra shots on another camera she forgot to add to our original post. Enjoy!


  1. Guess who's going to be the boss?
    Miss Addie!!!

  2. Jack your the cutest superman.
    Love that smile....
    Jordan - where are you?

  3. Hey Jenn you won multiple things on my blog....stop by and check it out

  4. I just found your blog & I think your kiddos are the CUTEST - love all of the pictures. Your blog title is pretty cute, too! :)