Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Cape- Part II

During our stay at the Cape, we got to spend some time with our cousins that were also visiting from Oklahoma. It was fun playing at the beach with them because they are older then us and knew how to build sandcastles and dig big holes. We headed out the first day to Mayflower Beach, which is is great beach on the bayside, with warm water and a really long sandy beach (while the tide was out!). We played in little tide pools and found crabs, shells and even some seaweed.

On Tuesday, "Auntie" Sue and "Uncle" Mickey stayed with us, too. We headed out to Chapin Beach (also on the bayside) and decided to walk all the way to the very end of the sand (again, low tide) so we could jump the waves. We set up our umbrella, blankets, and chairs first and then walked to the edge of the water. Good thing mommy decided to carry me, because my little legs got tired just walking out there! The boys walked with everyone else and Jordan even got a lift towards the end, too.

After playing for about 20 minutes, Jordan asked to go back to our blanket for some juice so mommy took him. Good thing, too because the tide was coming in and we got stuck with all of our stuff out on a sandbar! Daddy, pepere and Mickey had to take all of our stuff across the water for us because it was too deep to carry ourselves. What an adventure!

We also spent a few days at the West Dennis Beach which was really close to our house. Spending time there meant a lot less of a beach to walk out on, but more shells to find which is my favorite part. I spent my time collecting shells and walking along the coastline with memere. All of us got brave the final day and actually walked out into the ocean up to our necks!

Here are a few pictures...Enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation at the Cape- Part I

Well, its that time of year again, when we pack up the ol' Trailblazer and head out to see memere & pepere. We love visiting them, but the drive out there can be a little long at times. Lucky for us, mommy & daddy surprised us with a new dual DVD player for the ride- so we spent our time watching every Sesame Street and Veggie Tale we owned.

This year, we left around 4am and made it all the way from Wisconsin to Erie, PA before we stopped for the night. Our room in Erie as at a Spring Hill Inn which was really a lot of fun! Mommy & daddy were a little sad about how it was set up, they thought they'd have a separate bedroom to put us in that night. Instead the suite had a jacuzzi (woo hoo!) and a livingroom area divided by a half wall. Jordan and I got to share the pull out couch while Addison, mommy & daddy shared the king size bed. While Addie and mommy attempted to sleep, us boys ran and ran and ran around the room getting into any kind of trouble we could find (daddy was there with us, but not amuzed).

The next morning we headed out for our final leg of the drive and arrived safely at Cape Cod by 6pm that night. We were so happy to get out and run around after 2 days cooped up in the car!

Here's a few pictures of us at the beach, we lucked out with gorgeous "beach weather" every, single day! (Mommy said there are A LOT more photos and stories but we'll end here for now, more to come so stick around!)


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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Cape

Sorry we've once again been MIA for all of you Riplets fans out there. This time we have a good excuse though. We've been on vacation at the Cape with our memere & pepere (or "papa" according to Jack).

Mommy has been chipping away at editing all of our photos for you but for now here's just a sneak peek...

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite People

We were lucky enough to have our favorite college friends over for an evening of fun last weekend. Mommy said they were "babysitting" but we're not sure why, because there were no babies involved. We got to play and play and PLAY with Vinny, Laura, and Brittany while mommy & daddy went out to eat. It was such a blast seeing them again. Addison wasn't feeling very well all day though, so she wasn't her usual excited-self to see her boyfriend, Vinny (Vinny if you are reading this, its not you its her).

Here's a few pictures of us with our besties before they left...

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