Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cold, Snowy Days!

Its been a long, cold winter already! I know what you are thinking, "really? its just finally snowed!" Well try being a Riplet, it feels like we've been inside now for YEARS. As of January first, we haven't had a lot to do around here because our in-home therapy stopped. I was a little worried it was because I was being naughty or something (I swear I didn't make them leave, ask mommy!) but then I heard it was something about our health insurance switching companies and now we are no longer covered*. At first I liked having a break from school (so did Addie, she kept asking for more Elmo to watch and I didn't object), but once I realized it wasn't that nice outside to play AND I had all day to play with my toys...well the days got longer and longer!

Lucky for us though, we started up again at our college program (CAP for those of you that remember us going last year) and we even decided to take Jack along with us this time. Its fun to get out of the house each day again and to be able to socialize with all of the college ladies. Addie says its not the same there without Vinny (she says to remind you that's her boyfriend), but she has fun.

You'd think because we had all of this time on our hands that we'd be back to blogging full time again, right? Well, you have to remember we have to entertain mommy now all. day. long and that just gets so tiring! (don't tell her I said that, we pretend like its not a big deal)

Anyways- after a week or two of really cold weather, we finally got lucky and found a day to go outside and play! Here's a few pictures from our fun in the snow. Enjoy!

*Just an FYI, we are on the waiting list to be a part of the WAIVER program that will then kick in and cover us to have in-home therapy again. It looks like July for me and August for Addison though, so we'll have quite a few months without it. Lucky for us though, mommy is helping keep some of the programs (by being our teacher) going so that we can stay on track!

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