Sunday, October 31, 2010

Public Service Announcement- from The Riplets!

I just wanted to give small a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about bouncing or climbing on the couch or bed. On Friday, I was monkeying around on the couch with Jordan when I fell off and fractured my elbow! I had to go first to see a doctor in town and then was told we needed to drive 2 hours to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to have surgery. I ended up with 3 pins in my elbow and a cast. So, I wanted to take a minute to tell all of my fellow kids out there to listen to your parents when they tell you "sit down!" or "don't monkey around on there!" or "be careful" because you really can get hurt. (I always thought mommy just liked to tell us this and that it was an urban legend)

Anyways- after a rough few days and barely any sleep, I am back home with Addison and Jordan. I thought they'd be excited to see me and have a bunch of questions and concerns but they really didn't even look at me twice. I will remember this next time they get hurt. Here's a few photos from us at g'ma Jean and g'pa Dave's house yesterday afternoon. You can see my new cast and sling. Hopefully I'll feel good enough to put on my Halloween Costume tonight (we may have to do some alterations to fit my cast) and go trick or treating. I'll make sure someone posts some pictures for you if I do. Enjoy!

Can you tell I'm really grumpy with this cast?

Don't let Jordan's face confuse you, I was the one that got hurt not him!

G'pa Dave & Jordan played on Great grandpa Russ' porch...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our 2nd Birthday Party!

We had such a fun time yesterday at our 2nd birthday party! We had our family come to the party (we didn't invite any friends simply because having three birthday kids at once can be expensive when you get invited!) and we had memere & pepere joining us via Skype and it was a blast.

We got so many great presents and got to eat some pizza (our favorite!) and cupcakes. After we opened all of our gifts the fun began...we got to play with it all.

Here are some photos of our big day. Enjoy!
Can you tell Jordan isn't much for cupcakes? He hates getting dirty...
Now I, on the other hand LOVES to get messy especially if its with cupcakes!
and Addison doesn't mind it either...

Here she is preparing to dig in...
Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to each of us separately which was really so much fun!
Jordan really loved all of the attention...

I really loved the singing, too!
Here's uncle James helping Jordan on the Sit & Spin...
While Addie and I started cooking in our new kitchen!

Here's us Skyping with memere & pepere while we try out our car ramp...

Here's all of us cousins together...Addison is in our new playhouse trying it out...

Addison and Mommy...Addie got her dress from Jenni at Dear Lillie- she just LOVES it!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 2nd US!

Its our 2nd Birthday and we are so excited about our party today. We will update everyone with photos from the day but for now we thought you'd enjoy a few photos from this week. Enjoy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

What's Your Ultimate Family Vacation?

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You don't have to ask us twice. When someone asks any of the Riplets where our "ultimate family vacation" would be to we would all three say Beaches Resorts! Why, you ask? Because we are ginormous Sesame Street fans and each and every episode either starts or ends with an ad for Beaches Resorts. The great thing about going there though, is that our mommy & daddy both love island vacations and they told us we don't even know what a vacation is like until we've experienced and all inclusive island vacation.

Now I've gotta tell you, I have really loved going to see memere & pepere every summer in Massachusetts. That's our annual vacation. Jordan and Addison would agree with me, that going there and getting to spend a week on the Cape is so much fun. But- we are talking "ultimate" here so going to Beaches in Turks & Caicos would be it for us.

Not only would it be an all inclusive island vacation for mommy & daddy, but we would get to enjoy the sand, the pool and the water. I really love splashing and splashing and SPLASHING in any type of water so I know I'd have a blast. I also know Addison would die if she got to go because did I mention that Beaches Resorts now has Sesame Street characters there? I think if Addie got to meet Elmo in person she'd faint right there.
So that's where we'd go (if any of our family is reading this-- maybe you could surprise us with this trip for Christmas? hehe).

Where would you go for your "Ultimate Family Vacation?"


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Its Been Too Long...

Since you've heard from us, huh? We've been really busy as usual. Jordan started "college" last week so mommy has been taking him each morning to class (he's learning how to talk there- he thinks he's pretty tough stuff though since he goes to school and Jack & I don't)and spending a lot of time at home helping him with his homework.

Besides Jordan's new gig, Jack and I have been doing a lot of coloring, playing outside, and learning a lot of new words ourselves. Jack really likes to say "more baba", "apple", and "baby". I'm just focusing on "s" words because I really love the sound of them. My newest word is "shoe" and I'm always asking mommy or daddy to put my "shoe on". What can I say, I'm a girl so I love shoes. I also ask for my "show" or "se-sa stee" which is Sesame Street for those of you that don't speak Riplet.

Jordan has been making a lot of improvements since his new speech classes, too. He says "bye bye" and "gapa" and loves to make animal sounds.

Mommy had a bunch of pictures of us from the past two weeks so we need to catch all of you up! Here they are...most are of me of course (I am doing the writing so I have the final say- hehe). ENJOY!