Saturday, May 29, 2010

Come Join the Fun!

Here's a recap of the giveaways we've had so far for our Memorial Day Blog Party. Make sure you enter them all, you can win more then once.

Also don't forget to enter the giveaways being hosted by other blogs, too. Click here to see the list provided by McLinky.

Matilda Jane Clothing Giveaway

Opposite of Me

Lemon Drop Baby

LaLa Baby Boutique

Pink Chicken

The Vintage Pearl


Laken & Lila

Don't miss tomorrow's party, we still have more new shops and giveaways!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Blog Party Weekend is Here!

Come join the fun this weekend on our Riplet Reviews & Giveaways section. We've already kicked of the weekend with giveaways from Matlida Jane Clothing and Sarah Pekkanen's book, "Opposite of Me"

Don't miss out on the other giveaways this weekend and link up your own to our McLinky!

You'll be hearing more from the Riplets as well this weekend, so stick around.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Matilda Jane Trunk Show!

After waiting for weeks, I can finally say the day is here for Matilda Jane's Trunk Show! If you missed our post earlier in the week, you can check it out again by clicking here. Matilda Jane has items for everyone from your daughter to yourself and even some items for boys now! Matilda Jane calls the boys stuff the "Mighty Acorns"
Check out this cute Camp ShirtOf course remember there are loads of cute outfits for the girls! I love this Besty Bubble Dress...
and the colors in the Ethel Shirt are so gorgeous!Don't miss out on this opportunity to order something from Matilda Jane. Their trunk shows and art fairs are when their items are available to order. If you see anything you like, have questions or would like to place an order you can contact Sara S. our Trunk Show Keeper directly via email at Sara has also offered FREE SHIPPING to all of our orders. Just make sure to contact her today or tomorrow during trunk show and mention The Riplets to get the shipping for free.

Also...just a reminder tomorrow starts our Memorial Day Blog Party weekend! We have a long list of sponsors for the event along with other bloggers doing their own giveaways that will be linked up with our party right here (just look for Mr Linky to find those or to add your giveaway) starting Friday morning. Matilda Jane has a fun surprise to help us kick off the party, too so you don't want to miss it!

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Here's a sneak peak at some of our sponsors:

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

19 Months Old

Well, its that time of the month again when we give you our "official" photo from the month. I feel like we just did our 18 month photo on the bench at the park, but mommy insists its been a full month since that shoot.

Today it was so hot and muggy outside. Of course mommy told us we were going to "play" at the park, but I knew better. I knew it was just "code" for our monthly photo shoot. When we got to the park my brothers both got the swings and I was forced to do more photos with mommy. I am pretty sure she and daddy planned it that way. Mommy had to do a few "product review" pictures for her giveaway blog, so I played along and modeled a few outfits for her. My brothers had the worst job, their outfits to model included long sleeves and ties! (hehehe) So, our "official" 19 month picture is kinda silly because the boys are wearing their ties.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My 1st REAL Haircut!

Auntie Dawn has been cutting my hair for me at home now for months. I am starting to get annoyed with her, so she asked mommy if maybe I could go to a salon to get it done, so that I'd like her again. Mommy has also tried to cut my hair in the past (I'm sure you remember my Dorothy Hamill look I had going on for awhile there- thanks, mom!). So when mommy said we were going to get it done professionally, I was pretty relieved.

Mommy didn't get any pictures of me actually getting my haircut because I was sitting on her lap (Jordan wants you to know I was screaming, but that is really not important to this story). My stylist (that's what they call the professionals you know) gave me a lollipop while she was cutting. She said it was hopefully going to "distract" me. It didn't work, but it tasted GREAT!

Here are a few pictures of me with my new 'do. G'ma Jean says I look a lot older now. I bet all of the ladies will be swooning next time they see me at the park, huh?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ahhh...The First Day of Summer!

What? You don't think its the first day, either? Mommy told me it wasn't, but I figured it must be because she finally let us wear shorts! I mean, would she really let us wear them if it wasn't Summer already? Its been really warm this week, which is so nice compared to the rain we had for the previous few weeks. We've been able to get right back into our routine of playing outside on our deck and going to different parks each day.

Jordan is especially enjoying the nice weather again, since he can get back to his morning yoga sessions.
I, on the other hand, like being outside but- I get so hot and I always feel miserable if I play too hard. I think I need to get a personal fan to carry with me. Here are a few pictures of us from this week. Addison has spent it searching for more sticks and picking flowers (aka: dandy lions).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Party with the Riplets!

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Who's already got Memorial Day weekend plans? If you don't we'd love to have you come hang out with us. Since its a holiday weekend, mommy decided we needed to host a "Blog Party". Now what is a blog party you wonder? We asked the same thing. Mommy said its going to be a weekend filled with giveaways from some great sponsors. Not only will we be doing a bunch of giveaways, but we are asking that any other bloggers out there get a giveaway set up for the same weekend and join our party. On Friday, May 28th we will add "Mr Linky" to our site for all of you to link up your blog to ours. If you want to host the same party on your blog, feel free to grab our party button and add it to yours, too.

If you already plans for the holiday weekend, I hope you get great weather. If you don't just remember our party will happen RAIN or SHINE!

If anyone would like to be added as a sponsor to our Memorial Day Blog Party feel free to contact us at

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is daddy's birthday! Funny, because I thought mommy's was just last week? I guess mommies & daddies have birthdays together. Kinda like us three having a birthday at the same time.

For daddy's birthday, we decided to treat him right, so we slept in until 6:50am. Mommy said she was a little jealous since for her birthday we didn't sleep in quite that long. (oops!) We gave daddy his gifts this morning but we didn't get to celebrate with cake. I guess it was "too early" or something to eat cake? I find that hard to believe, I mean I think you can eat cake anytime of day (or Dilly Bars, yum!).

After lunch, mommy took Addison, Jordan and I to see daddy at his work. We dressed up in his favorite Red Sox shirts and Addison did her hair the way daddy loves it (I guess its all twisty or something?? it looks like it always does to me.). We brought daddy a balloon and some cupcakes (finally- cake!) and then we got to run around the bank! Jordan was literally "running" all over the place, while Addison and I took our time exploring the windows and going behind the counter where the tellers are. Jordan finally stopped long enough to check his emails and his stocks, but then he was right back to running around. At the very end of the our visit, mommy let us try suckers. Have you ever had a sucker?! I guess some people call them lollipops...either way they are AMAZING! Here's a few pictures of us eating our lolli-suckers (hehe) and taking over the bank. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gone are the Days of Sunshine

We were spoiled these past few weeks, heck maybe even months?! We had such nice weather, mommy took us to the park and outside to play each and everyday. We got so used to getting outside that Addison started to ask if she could go "side?!". Sometimes she'd actually say "ow-side?". Well, for the past week things got wet. Mommy says its called "raining" I just think its like going to the pool. I get so mad when mommy tells us we can't go out on the deck to play when its raining. I figure why can't we get wet? We do for bath time? I know we can dry off afterwards, right? Instead, I stand with Jack & Addison by the slider door and lick the glass and whine. Sometimes all three of us pound on the slider hoping that mommy will just give in and let us out.

Here are a few pictures of us when there was sun. I hope it comes back soon because we are ready to get out and play!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Evy's Tree {GIVEAWAY!}

Don't miss out on a new giveaway. Its with Evy's Tree, which has some really cute stuff. I am planning on making mommy order me a Mini Brilla sweatshirt for plugging her today. hehehe

Click on our Riplet Reviews and Giveaways icon to enter!

On a side note... check out my new shoes, aren't they fabulous?!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we let mommy sleep in and then we (with daddy of course!) brought her some coffee and her beloved computer in bed.

We hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day and please enter mommy's giveaway that is today only!! Just click here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is mommy's birthday. We really wanted to do something special for her, but since we don't get an allowance and we can't get to our piggy bank to take out our money, we decided to sleep in until 6AM for her. We were excited for her birthday, because we really wanted to help her open her presents.

For lunch, we took her to El Patio and ate guacamole, salsa and crackers. Well, mommy and the other adults all had chips, but we usually have crackers with ours so we brought our own bag along with us.

After lunch, we got to go to the park to swing and play in the sand. It was a fun time, especially when we got all over us, even in our ears! One of our biggest complaints about the parks all over town is that none of them have 3 toddler swings! They all have only two. Has anyone had to wait for a swing while their siblings get to go first? If not- let me just tell you its miserable! Luckily, Auntie Dawn came up with a way to get us all swinging at once.
Check this out:Here are a few other pictures of us at the park. Addison loved playing with G'ma Dave in the sand and Jordan hits high fives with G'ma Jean.
We also had one more special gift for mommy, we agreed to all stand together and still for a picture. We figured it was the least we could do for her since it was her birthday!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Riplet Review & Giveaway Debut!

Mommy has officially started her weekly segment about products and stores she's found or likes. Please head on over to our Riplet Reviews & Giveaways to see this week's showcase. Its a jewelry designer that is working towards a good cause-- Justice Juels. If you still need a Mother's Day gift, she's the place to go. She's also offering our readers 20% off their entire order!

Addison would also like you to know that she has been a huge help in mommy getting her product reviews and giveaways ready. Here's a sneak peek at something she's modeling for Matilda Jane Clothing! Check back the week of May 24th for more from this store. AND...since Jordan and I didn't get any clothes to model we had mommy take pictures of us in our regular clothes. Enjoy!