Monday, February 14, 2011


We had a post all ready to go for you yesterday, but we can't get the pictures to download onto Blogger for some reason. Looks like we'll have to get mommy to work on it for us and hopefully have that post up very soon.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its Been Awhile

So we've been really busy lately. I know, I know we've told you this before but this time we mean it.

Let's see where to start. I joined Jordan and Addison last week at our speech and development classes at a nearby college. I was excited to hang out with the college kids and get to play with all of their toys. We go each day, Monday through Thursday and lucky for us, g'pa Dave has been coming with us to help us get in the door. He tells us that mommy just doesn't have three hands to hold each of ours as we walk in.

Mommy has been very busy, too helping Auntie Dawn with her dance school and teaching classes. Auntie Dawn had surgery almost 2 weeks ago to remove the cancer in her tonsils and while they were removing them, they needed to remove her lymph nodes, too. We haven't got to see her yet (we REALLY miss her though, we usually see her every morning when she's taking our cousin's to school) but mommy said she's got a big owie on her neck from where they had to take the lymph nodes and just isn't ready to get out yet. I just really hope the doctors offered her an Elmo sticker for all of that.

We also had a fun surprise come yesterday in the mail. We got a HUGE box of goodies from Memere & Pepere for Valentine's day! We couldn't wait to dig into all of the fun treats they sent along with stickers, new coloring books and stickers for our window. Mommy says those stickers for the window are called window decals. Either way- they are stickers and we LOVE putting them on and off of our glass slider.

Finally, as if we aren't busy enough, we just found out we will be moving into a big, new house in March. Mommy said we are going to love it there because we'll have our own "rec room" in the basement where we can ride all of our bikes, cars, and other toys in circles. We got to go take a look at it last weekend and Jordan had a blast running the length of the basement. Mommy said he's going to sleep well after playing down there each day. We'll see about that.

Since mommy hasn't been taking as many photos as she'd like (remember her resolution do to more everday pictures? not so much which is a blessing for us.) here's a few photos she just found on our point and shoot camera that never got downloaded. Enjoy!

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