Monday, August 22, 2011

The Potty Chair

Mommy has been pushing us to try using the potty lately. To be honest, I've been interested in seeing everyone else use the potty and I really enjoy helping mommy when Jack or Addison have a "dirty" diaper (mommy said "poop" is not the best word to use while blogging, but I have to say- I love saying it!) usually pointing out to mommy that they "pooped" or had a "big poop" (again, sorry if this is offending any of you, but really what other word would I use?). I also like to get out the wipes and help her out by grabbing the dirty diaper (before she gets it sealed up) to throw away for her.

Anyways- (I digress) the point is- mommy has been reading "potty books" and showing us our potty now for weeks. I think she's expecting us to ditch our diapers and actually use it each time we need to go. Personally, it seems like its such a hassle. I mean, why in the world would I want to stop playing and go undress and sit on a chair with a big hole in it? Its so much easier to just go in my pants and then tell mommy afterwards.

Well, Addison and Jack differ in opinions because they are both falling for mommy and daddy's bribes to get them to use the potty chair. Jack actually requests to go sit on the potty (he knows he gets a M&M if he goes) and sometimes actually goes! Addison doesn't even need the bribe, she likes to sit on it and read her book. She knows once she's gone and she expects the rest of us to clap for her (like its some huge accomplishment). looks like I may be the lonely soldier wearing my diaper soon while the other two take a trip to buy "big kid" underwear. I see no excitement at all in wanting to wear those silly undies anyways. Mommy says the idea will grow on me, but for now I love my diapers.

Here's a few shots of my siblings using the potty chair. Ummm...hello?! Photos on the potty? This is why I'm not going to even attempt it. Also notice the potty chair is pink, another reason I opted out on trying it. Jack on the other hand has a huge love for all things pink. Go figure.


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Dentist

Today was our first time visiting the dentist. Mommy thought it was a good idea to have us all go there together so we could "get it over with" (her words not mine!). She told us before we left that we were going to see the dentist and that she'd ask us to open our mouth and say "ahhhh". We, of course practiced before we left and laughed about it. Well, that's only partially true. Jordan didn't open his mouth and really had no interest at all in the subject. Jack & I thought it was going to be a good time. Mommy even asked us were our teeth were and Jack quickly showed us. Jack also knew that they were going to want to count his teeth, so he kept sticking his finger in mommy's mouth and counting her's for her. I may see a dental degree in his future.

Mommy bribed g'ma and Auntie Dawn to go with us to the dentist because she wasn't sure how she'd keep track of all three of us alone. At the office, we all were excited to go sit at their kids' table and color while we waited. I was called in first, I'm assuming its because they wanted "ladies first". I went in thinking it was going to be all fun and games until the actual dentist came in to see me. Then I freaked out. I tried to slug her while she attempted to look in at my teeth. Her assistant told g'ma that I was going a great job because if I scream, she can look at my teeth better. After checking each of us out individually we were each taken to pick out a prize. Oh and by the way-I wasn't the only screamer- ask Jack about how he handled it. Let's just say daddy could hear him at work and he was 30 miles away

Overall, the trip to the dentist wasn't completely awful. They told us our teeth looked good and we had no cavities or plaque build up. We even got a little bag full of goodies for tooth brushing time. I, of course was given a princess theme bag while my stinky brothers got Toy Story ones. I plan to use my new toothbrush today and taste the toothpaste they gave us, too.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Its a Wrap! {Our Vacation}

Its been a week since we've been back from our vacation and its been spent getting back into the grind of everyday life. I've been hanging out with mommy, begging to go "bye bye in cah" (that's car for all of you non-Bostonians) and doing a lot of playing outside. Meanwhile, my siblings are busy working away in each other's rooms (therapy mommy calls it), learning how to match, count, and talk. Jordan was a little bit naughty on his first day back after vacation. He didn't think he really had to listen to his therapists. He also thought it was funny to throw everything in site over peoples heads and behind him. Lucky for me, I am a quick ducker and avoided a toy-to-the-head. Unfortunately Addison was not so lucky. Addison was pretty quiet her first few days back to school, but she's slowly opened up again and it repeating so much more again!

Anyways- mommy finally finished editing up the rest of our vacation pictures. These are all photos from either at the Cape (but not the beach) or back at memere & pepere's place.


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