Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese

This week, I met the greatest mouse I've EVER seen! I've heard that some "Mickey" mouse is great, too but I've never met him, so who knows? Mommy & Daddy took us to lunch on Sunday to a place called Chuck E. Cheese. I wasn't too interested on the drive there, until mommy said we were going to eat pizza. I love pizza. If I could eat it at every meal, I would. Daddy says that I have to eat other things, too though. When I get older and go to college, I plan to eat pizza every, single day.

Anyways - when we got to our lunch spot and opened the door I got the biggest grin I've ever had and couldn't stop looking around at all of the toys and rides! Addison and Jack thought it was a fun place, but they didn't love it the way I did! I saw Chuck E. Cheese, himself up front during the show that was going on. Then, while dad was ordering our pizza and my mom was setting us up in our high chairs, Chuck E. Cheese came right up to me and said "hi!". I was soooo happy I squealed and looked at mommy. I looked at her, assuming she was going to take a picture of me & Chuck E. since she always has her camera ready to go. Of course, this one time I wanted my picture taken, she didn't have her camera out yet!'s the pictures she got of us after "the best moment of my life" happened.

On a final note, my siblings would like you all to know that I was so excited that I actually "peed my pants" and it leaked through to my jeans. Since mommy didn't pack any extra clothes, I had to play without any pants on. I had just my diaper with my socks and shoes. I thought I looked pretty cool, but apparently others thought I looked pretty funny.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Shoes & Dilly Bars

So mommy has been talking to me about the finer things in life, shoes. She loves shoes and tells me that someday I can have any of her designer shoes if we end up with the same size feet. That is exciting, since I'd love to have her Stuart Weitzman heels! But- since I already have some pretty tiny feet, I'm sure they won't fit me anyways. I will however be inheriting her collection of designer hand bags. I cannot wait to fill my closet with her Coach, Kate Spade and Cole Haan bags. When I get a little taller (and figure out how to climb shelves) I'm planning on getting into her closet and playing with all of her shoes and bags!

Anyways- this week, I got my first pair of vintage shoes. Yep, all you 18 month olds out there reading this, I already have a pair of vintage jelly shoes (Circa 1984). G'ma Jean brought them over to my house this past weekend and I was so happy to see them. She first told me they were my moms and I couldn't believe it. They figured out that these shoes must be over 30 years old! That got me thinking though, I have done my fair share of research on the fashion industry and 33 years ago would've been the 70's not the 80's, when jellys were popular. Sure enough, mommy figured out that these were not her shoes, but Auntie Brittany's! The only problem now is, I hope Auntie B doesn't want them back when she has her baby, because I wear them all over the house and LOVE them! Hopefully she has a little boy anyways. (hehe)

Here are a few pictures of me wearing my shoes. Notice the heel on them?! I am already getting down my walk with heels. At first it was so tricky, but now I feel like a natural.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Also this week, g'ma brought us some Dilly Bars. We had never had them before and to be honest, Jordan and I didn't think we were missing out on much. They were cold and the outside was so weird. Neither of us had more then a taste of it. Jack, on the other hand is addicted to them. Check out this video of him eating his very first dilly bar:

Today, The Fabulous Won is doing a tribute to Triplet Moms and guess who got chosen for the tribute? You guessed it, none other then our mommy! You can read the tribute here .

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Official 18 Month Photo Shoot

Mommy took us out yesterday to try to get our 18 month photo for our blog. We knew that was her secret plan when we saw her toss her camera in the car and made sure we all had brushed our hair before we left. Mommy needs to know brushing our hair is a dead give away before a photo shoot. She tried to tell us we were "going to the park to play and swing!" Well, we did get to swing but the playing was more of her chasing us around the park trying to get our pictures.

Here are the shots she thinks are somewhat useable. We have to laugh whenever its time for our monthly pictures because mommy gets so tired and frustrated at us when we don't stay put for a group picture. We know that and that's what makes it even funnier. This time, she had back up with her so it wasn't her trying to keep us all together AND try to take the picture (we thought we had already out-smarted her, darn it!). She also made us sit in our choo choo wagon for a few shots saying that these were "just in case" the other pictures didn't work out.

We can't decide which picture to use for our "official" 18 month photo so we are going to ask our readers to please vote on one of the pictures below. To vote, just go to the upper right-hand side of our blog and choose A, B, or C.



Friday, April 23, 2010

18 Months Old

We are 18 months old today! Can you believe it? I can finally say I'm "1 1/2 years old" or if I really want to, I could say "I'm a year and a half". Okay, so maybe none of us can say that much, but we are finally starting to talk to mommy & daddy more. Ya know, we do know what they are saying to us, we just figure- why talk when they know what we want anyways. That is, until this week. Mommy has started to ask us what we want and is always asking us, "do you want this towel?" or "do you want the magnet?" whenever I go to the fridge now. How can she not think that maybe I want a drink and not the kitchen towel? I think mommy is up to something, because she's making me have to ask for a lot of things or at least try to ask for them now instead of just whining.

We saw Dr Van de Loo this past week and got 2 shots each and a screening for Autism. Here's our stats for 18 months old.

Jack - 21 lbs 8 oz
Jordan- 22 lbs 10 oz
Addison- 24 lbs 11 oz

Jack- 2' 7 1/4"
Jordan- 2' 7 3/4"
Addison- 2' 7 1/2"

Here's what we are "working" on doing at 18 months:
-Eating with utensils
-Holding an adults hand to walk up the stairs
-Talking (for the record- I can say "pizza" now it comes out "eatza")
-Pretend play

Here are some pictures from this week. We got to go to a few different parks during the week. This picture is of us after the park today. We are always so thirsty after swinging and playing!

We also went to g'ma & g'pa's house this week. They got us a bench swing to be on while we are there. They told us it would be fun to have all three of us swing at once, but we didn't think it was that good of a time. I mean, half of the fun of swinging is watching my brothers whine and cry that they want a turn.

These last pictures are of ME being mommy's "model" for her photo shoot this week. I am pretty sure all of the top modeling agencies are going to be pounding down my door now after seeing these, so please talk to my agent directly. (hehehe)

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

We're Soooo Sweet!

Whoever says we aren't the sweetest kids around, hasn't seen us eat chocolate pudding. Yesterday, mommy attempted to have us eat pudding with a OURSELVES! We had a great time (well, Jordan didn't but Jack & I did) and we love the taste of chocolate. We are going to ask mom if maybe we could eat chocolate pudding with every meal. Ya know, to replace the veggies she gives us?

Here are a few pictures of us trying to eat like big kids, with spoons. Jordan hated it, because he got dirty and he HATES getting his hands dirty. Afterwards, we sat with g'ma Dave and watched Veggie Tales.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Memere & Pepere Are Here!

We are just so excited. On Saturday, memere & pepere came to see us from Massachusetts. We were so happy to see them. I'm pretty sure I was the most anxious to see them, because I wanted to show off that I could walk. I mean, last time they were here I was not walking at all and Jordan and Addison were showing off.

Yesterday we went to the park with them for a late Easter egg hunt. It was great to find eggs and open them up again. I wonder if we can do this every weekend? I am the only one of the Riplets that can actually open an egg, so the other two really need to work on being nicer to me so I will open theirs for them.

Here are a few pictures of us at the park. We had such a nice day!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Also- don't miss out on another great blog party this week. Its at 5 Minutes for Mom and they are giving away so many great prizes! This party is called the "Ultimate Blog Party" and have things going on from April 9-16th. Mommy said if she was to pick her top five prizes to win, they would be for The Recessionista Shop, Cookie Lee Jewelry, a Hobo International Clutch, A year's worth of Itty-Bitty Bookworm curriculum, or these books from The Bookworm Blog. Don't miss out on the fun, go onto their site and sign up for a chance to win, too!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our New Picnic Table

We got a 6 person picnic table from our friends, The Hobsons for Christmas this year. When it came and it was cold outside we weren't sure what to do with it. Mommy and daddy told us that when it warmed up outside, we'd put it on our deck to play and have snacks on.

Well, lucky for us the weather has been beautiful for quite a few weeks, so daddy put the table together and we've been sitting at it. Okay, not really sitting...more like standing on it. (hehe) We (okay, not Jack but Addie & I) have been getting yelled at A LOT for climbing the table and trying to stand on it. Its such a fun game that its just too tempting NOT to try to get up on it. Jack is the only one that listens to mommy and actually sits at the table and reads his books (brown-noser) and plays with his cars. If he would just go with our plan and be naughty, too then maybe mommy would realize that's just "what kids do" and leave us alone.

Here's a few pictures of us at our table. Mommy actually took these last week before it got really warm, so that's why we have our hats on. There are also a few pictures of us at the park swinging. We usually get to go to a different park each day after lunch. Mommy says she takes us so that we'll nap for her in the afternoon. She really shouldn't tell us that, it just makes us try not to fall asleep then when we get home. I think she'll start to catch on to this "parenting" thing sooner or later. We are all hoping its later though so we can keep doing naughty, fun stuff!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Winner!

We never heard from the first winner of our Sweet Sugar Beet give away, so we drew a new winner...its SARA!

The winner has until Tuesday, April 6th at 10pm EST to contact me via email at

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter


We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We certainly did. We woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had been to our house and left us each a basket of goodies. Here are a few pictures of us digging through our stuff.

Notice- Jordan took all of our yogurt melts out of our baskets immediately. I was more concerned with what was in each of those plastic eggs in our baskets. Mommy had left some eggs in a basket Auntie Brittany and Uncle James brought us and I figured out how to open them. Guess what was inside?! Yogurt melts and puffs!! Now, I check every, single egg I see for snacks. Addison had fun looking at the books we got and also enjoyed eating all of the snacks I'd find us in the eggs.

We got to spend our afternoon with our cousins for a ham dinner at their house and then an Easter egg hunt. We got to find more of those great snack-filled eggs and run around the yard. Addison was more interested in eating leaves and licking trees though. I had to keep reminding her that there were treats inside the eggs to eat. We also went for a ride around in our choo choo wagon. Chris took us all over the area while the "big kid" egg hunt was going on. That way we got to see them looking and fighting over eggs they found. I wonder if they love yogurt melts as much as we do?

Here are some pictures of our fun day. Enjoy!

Friday, April 2, 2010