Monday, November 23, 2009


We are 13 months old today! Daddy said he's sad because he liked being able to say we were "1" year old and now we have to go back to saying it in months.

Here's what we can do now:
Stand by ourselves
Cruise along all furniture, kitchen cabinets, and walls
We all can say: "dada", "mama", "baba", "all done"
We can walk forward hanging on to someone's hands
We all weigh 20lbs or larger (Addison is closer to 22 lbs)
Can pull to standing with their push toy and push it around the room
Can climb over anything in their way including other bodies on the floor (adults and siblings)
Can climb the stairs alone
Open and close the cabinet drawers that have safety locks on them (how you ask?!)

Can say "ball", "bye bye", "bob", "mom"
Has the fastest growing har and gets it trimmed regularly
Has 4 teeth (2 top & 2 bottom)
Takes steps (4-5) towards toys or people
Can pick his nose with both fingers at once (one up each nostril)
Has 2 teeth (bottom)
Can get to standing on her own (in the middle of the floor)
Shows us "so big" with her arms
Can wear pig tails
Has 4 teeth (2 top & 2 bottom)

None of us can clap or wave "bye bye" yet. Although Jack is close to waving. We all failed our 12 month check up because we couldn't do either of these tasks. We've decided we will NEVER learn how to do them now in protest.

Here's a few pictures of us from this week and the first picture is our "official" 13 month photo.

Jordan and his fake laugh...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Countdown to the Holidays!

We are so excited because mommy just told us that a week from today is Thanksgiving! We have some pretty BIG plans for that day. We are going to Auntie Dawn & Uncle Mark's house to eat. That is what everyone keeps telling us. We do LOVE to eat so we are excited, but we aren't sure how or why this "Thanksgiving" day is any different then us eating any day of the week? We usually get turkey for lunch anyways and we eat veggies with every meal, too. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what all the hype is about.
Speaking of food though, we have to tell you that I FINALLY got to eat a cheeseburger! Mommy & Daddy took us to this place called McDonalds and boy was it a good time. We got to eat chicken nuggets, french fries and we tried daddy's cheeseburger. We all decided we really love cheeseburgers, too. Even Jordan, who everyone already knows doesn't like food that much. He still would prefer mommy or daddy just feeds him jarred food. He loved all of the food at McDonalds and he really loved all of the very big toys they had there.

Mommy has been getting us out of the house everyday now so that we don't get bored or "whiny" (that's the word she used but we never whine so I don't know why she'd say that). So far we've gone to a few parks, to Starbucks drive thru (for mommy), Walgreens, and to the Mall to their play area. Walgreens was kind of fun, mommy took us there by herself and we rode around in our choo choo wagon. The manager had to help mommy get her stuff to the car though, because we kept throwing the stuff out of our wagon as she put it in. (hehehe) The play area at the mall was fun, too. I crawled through tunnels with Addison while Jordan followed around all of the "big" kids and tried to play with them. None of them wanted to play with him though because he can't walk. Addison and I didn't understand why he didn't want to play with us, we don't care that he doesn't walk because we can't walk yet either!

Also this week we've all been doing some new things. Jordan has decided to help mommy sweep and vacuum now. He chases mommy and the machine around as she's cleaning. I am scared to death of the vacuum so I stay in the playroom while mommy uses it. Jordan also has made up a fake laugh. He only uses it while he watches Veggie Tales though (which really annoys me because I'm trying to watch the show and he's next to me laughing and laughing and laughing). His laugh is like an old man's laugh, too and he makes a pretty goofy face as he does it. Mommy took a video of it so hopefully we can show you it soon.

Addison has been practicing her dance moves and is always dancing (aka: shaking her hips) while she watches Veggie Tales. She definitely is dancing because she only does it when music or songs are on. She also figured out how to lounge in our choo choo wagon. I have been trying to lay back in my seat since we got it and Addison figured it out for me now! She's also in trouble with mommy because she's been chewing on her crib and mommy just found bite marks and some of the paint missing. Addison has also learned how to climb from chair to chair (the one's Auntie B & Uncle James got us) and stand on them and try to rock.

I've been busy standing without hanging on to anything and I am walking around furniture and copying what my siblings do a lot. I've also been fixing up my house that Memere and Pepere got me for my birthday (the other two think its theirs but I know its mine and I just tell them they can come visit me). I have learned how to turn the light "on" and "off" and ring the doorbell (although I really wish Addison would learn to ring it and not just barge in on me) and open and close my mail box. I even give my mail to Isaiah when he comes over. I also just figured out how much fun a suit case can be! I asked mommy if maybe she could pack me up and send me to Memere's house to visit now that I know I fit in it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

We're Famous!

We told everyone before about entering the Picture of the Week contest on A Few of My Favorite Things blog, right? Well, now we are on today's post and give-away featuring a great Etsy Shop called Peanut and Pumpkin . We already have a few items from this shop so they decided to use pictures of us in our "1" onesies and of Addison in her tutu from the shop!! Look at how cute we are and be sure to check out Peanut and Pumpkin on Etsy. Sara is the owner of the shop and does an AMAZING job hand-crafting all of her products. We actually just got some Holiday onesies in the mail today from her as well. We'll take a few pictures of us in those for another post and we asked mommy if we could wear them to see Santa, too!
Here's the link to A Few of My Favorite Things and to Peanut and Pumkin's Shop. Don't forget to enter the give-away too!
Finally, here are a few more pictures from our family photo shoot that Rachel did for us. Check out more of her work at Brisham Photography. Jack would like me to point out that he seems pretty happy in these shots so he'd like us to "take back" what we said in an earlier post about him being so mad during the shoot.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

You CAN teach us new things!

Since our first birthday we've been changing so much and learning a lot of new things. First of all, let me tell you what I have learned to do. I know enough to put my arms up in the air when someone asks "Addison, how big are you?" I know that I am "SOOO BIG!" but I choose to just show them how big instead of saying it. Once daddy saw that I can do that with my arms he decided to teach (really confuse) me how to do "TOUCH DOWN!" when we're watching football. I am also growing my hair out really long. I decided I want to get rid of that "baby" look and go for the longer, more stylish hairdo. Here are a few pictures of me from this week. What do you think? Notice the layers in back and the side swept bangs?

Jack has also been learning how to do "so big!", too. He just finally figured it out yesterday afternoon. He's ok at it, but nothing like my way. I like to bring my arms up like I'm dancing. He just goes straight up. I guess he's just not as coordinated as I am. I am planning to start dance classes with Auntie Dawn soon so I need to show off my moves and much as I can. Jack has also learned how to walk with our push toy. He pushes it all over the living room. He surprised mommy and I last week with his walking. We were emailing on the computer and we saw him walking by with the push toy!!

Jordan is also learning to do A LOT of new things. He is really working on his walking skills. On Monday, mommy saw him taking a step from the push toy to his chair but Jordan told me she scared him by screaming "GOOD JOB JORDAN!" and that's when he fell on his cheek up against the chair. Mommy seems to think Jordan secretly walks when no one is looking because she's been catching him standing in places he couldn't have gotten to on his own. We know the truth, but we are the Riplets and what happens between us STAYS between us. Sorry Mommy!

We also entered a Fall Favorites Picture of the Week contest on a great blog called A Few of My Favorite Things. Its a blog put together by a friend, Danielle who has twin girls. I love this blog because she's always giving-away great things and always giving me new ideas for the kids. She knows so much about all of the latest toys, clothes, and accessories. Anyways- please vote for us! I'm sure we'll be adding our pictures to this Picture of the Week contest a lot but this is our first time, so please check it out!

Finally- here are a few pictures from this week. Mommy & Daddy got a kick out of dressing us in these Adidas outfits. We thought they were nice, but mommy & daddy laughed at us saying we looked like Run DMC. We weren't sure if that was a compliment or not?!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick or Treat...a little late!

Mommy's computer hasn't been working right so we are a little late on getting our Halloween pictures on here.
We sure had fun dressing up as The Wizard of Oz characters. Ok, some of hated our costumes but mommy & daddy loved dressing us up! We got to use our new trick or treat bags and we got a bunch of fun stuff from everyone. How did they know we LOVE Gerber Yogurt Melts? Puffs? Nilla Wafters? and what about Cheerios?! Here are a few pictures from Halloween. Notice our cousins dressed up with us as munchkins. Funny, huh? We are the little ones but they dressed up as the munchkins. hehehe

Here's our bags full of goodies and the last picture is us digging in our pantry taking stock of what we got. Can you believe how many snacks we have now?!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Family Pictures

This past weekend we had our family pictures and our 1 year old pictures taken by Rachel from Bisham Photography. Of course the day we took them it was really cold outside so we were kinda crabby. Ok, Jordan wasn't crabby, but boy were Addison and I. We just hated being outside in the cold especially when mommy didn't have mittens or jackets on us for the shoot! Daddy told mommy she needed to have them on, but mommy said that people wouldn't get to see our outfits then. Either way, Rachel did an AMAZING job considering we were crying for a lot of the shots. Check out a sneak peek of the pictures on her photography blog:

Bisham Photography