Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Teeth!

Today is mommy & daddy's 5 year anniversary. They told us that 5 years ago today they were in the Bahamas getting married. Yesterday was Auntie Dawn & Uncle Marks anniversary, too. Tomorrow is Halloween and we are so excited to dress up, but its also Auntie Brittany's birthday! I wonder if she's going to get a bunch of new toys and get to eat cake like we did?

This morning also marks a very special day for Jordan. He got his first tooth!!! Actually, he got 2 teeth at once. Both of his bottom teeth came in together. He told Jack and I that he decided why waste anymore time (Personally, I think he's just an over-achiever).

Here is our official 12 month picture. Mommy said we are getting harder and harder to get pictures of. I don't know what she means, we love helping mom take pictures. Especially if we get to touch the camera and fall off of the chair as she's taking them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Birthday Party!

We had such a good time on Saturday at our birthday party. Mommy had Auntie Dawn's house decorated with rubber duckies and we got to eat CAKE! Except it gave us a belly ache and we were up all night crying that night. We also got to try pizza for the very first time. Guess what? Jordan LOVES pizza! Its the first time he actually ate all of his finger foods off of his tray and asked for more.

We got a lot of fun presents from our friends and family. At first, we didn't really care about opening the gifts but once we saw all of the fun things we were getting we started helping daddy open them. Thank you everyone for all of your fun and generous gifts! Here are a lot of pictures from our big day. Enjoy!

Friday, October 23, 2009


We are 1 year old today.
Please watch our photo slide show that Auntie Brittany made us. Just click on the link below. Enjoy!
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Riplets 1st Birthday, 10/23/09

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Countdown to One!

We've been pretty busy being "baby-like" and immature this past week, after mommy told us that we're going to be 1 year old on Friday! Its fun pretending we're little you know. We've been wanting mommy & daddy to hold our bottles for us and asking to be burped. (ok, so maybe no one has requested to be burped but we couldn't think of what else we should do before we turn into toddlers) Addison has also been sick this weekend with a fever and a runny nose. She told Jack and I not to worry that she'd make sure to wake up A LOT in the night. You know, so that someone wasn't sleeping through the night- JUST for old times sake. Addison even got daddy to pull out her old bouncy chair that was used many, many evenings (when we were just babies) to lull us to sleep. Meanwhile, I've decided I don't like eating "big kid" food and I want to only be fed jarred baby food like when I was younger. Mommy tells me I need to try to eat "big kid" food but I don't like the textures and really don't want to have to feed myself. I mean come on, mommy can't FORCE me to grow up, can she?!

Today, mommy & daddy took us to G'ma Jean's house to visit and to take some pictures of us in our "1" onesies. We had only been to G'mas house one other time EVER and she wasn't even home that day (only G'pa Dave was). So, we had fun seeing her house again and playing outside in the leaves. Here are a few pictures from the day. We also snuck in a picture of our BEST friend Vicki. She came to visit us this week and play.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Binky Stealer

Did you know that Jordan never needs a binky? He's never wanted one. Well, not since he was just a few weeks old and used to make G'ma Jean hold her finger in his binky at night so it wouldn't fall out. He used to cry every time it popped out of his mouth...and it used to fall out about every 10 minutes! Good thing G'ma Jean was staying with us those first few months. I'm pretty sure mommy & daddy wouldn't have been able to keep his binky in and take care of us all each night otherwise.

Well, now Jordan never wants a binky...unless of course he sees Jack is sucking on his. I'm pretty sure that Jordan just likes to watch Jack get all upset when he takes it out of his mouth. Jordan usually doesn't even put the binky in the right direction! Here's a few pictures of us outside the other day sitting by our pumpkins we picked out. Notice that Jordan got "caught in the act" of stealing Jacks binky. May attention to me, too. I am trying to tell Jordan to give it back to Jack but he didn't listen. We're pretty sure Jordan is going to be the trouble-maker in the group. Of course I am going to be the angelic peace-maker. That leaves Jack as being the smart one. Which only makes sense since he LOVES to read books.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sorry we haven't had time to update our blog, we've been really busy trying to learn how to walk. We've been pulling up on all of the furniture and Addie and I have been cruising along everything we can reach...including the cabinets!

This weekend we went to pick out our pumpkins and we got to use our choo choo wagon again, yipee! I wasn't really sure I wanted a pumpkin or why mommy & daddy insisted I get one. Remember I didn't want to even touch one last weekend at the apple orchard. Our trip to the pumpkin patch was a really short one because the weather was really cold and rainy. We did get to see the farm animals and see all of the pumpkins though. Here's a few pictures:

Also- on a side note- Jack is insisting I tell you that his top tooth has popped through completely now so he is ready for that cheeseburger everyone has been promising him. Addison is also trying to take over my post to tell you that she too, has a top tooth coming through. I told them both to back off that this is my post AND that teeth are soooo overrated. Besides, I love jarred food.