Saturday, January 30, 2010

Teamwork (aka: Mischief)

We have a lot of videos of us from the past few weeks and we just keep forgetting to post them. Mommy has caught us working together more and more. She calls it "mischief" but we aren't sure what she means.

Here I am pushing Addison

Here's Addison assisting Jordan?!

and finally...Here's Addison pretending to be ME!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cold Winter Days...

Since its been so cold here in Wisconsin, mommy told us we should pretend its summer-like its nice and warm outside. We thought that was a great idea except we STILL couldn't go outside, so that made us pretty mad.

We just got a new blow up pool (to use as our ball pit) and we wanted to fill it with water and go swimming in the house. Mommy told us no. She said something about getting everything all wet?? So, instead we decided to pretend we were visiting Memere & Pepere in Massachusetts. We usually go there for two weeks in the summer, so we agreed that would be a good time. Mommy had us put on our Black Dog sweatshirts and told us to pretend we were on the Cape. See, most people in MA and on the Cape think of the Black Dog as being a Cape thing. So here we are sporting our sweatshirts and not saying our "R"s.

We also tried to put on our swim suits and pretend we were at the pool, until mommy realized we didn't fit into them anymore! Too bad because mommy said we could pretend to swim in the ball pit and splash the balls around. We still pretended, but we had to do it without our swim suits on.

On a side note- Jack has figured out how to open the wipes box now. Addison and I think its GREAT. Mommy & Daddy say, "Jack! No more wipes!" all the time now. We are excited because he told us he'd give us a lesson on how to open them next time mommy isn't looking.

If you haven't been there yet, go to Multiples and More today, too because we are their Shout Out Blog today!

Here's a few other pictures from this week. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mommy's New Camera Lens

Mommy just got her new lens in the mail this weekend and its only caused us turmoil. All I want to do is touch it! It looks like it would be a lot of fun, so whenever mommy tries to take my picture, I make sure to get really close so I can touch the lens. Mommy says its getting harder and harder to get great pictures with us all grabbing at her. I have no idea why that would make it so hard?

Mommy got the Canon 50mm F1.8 so she could get some great indoor shots of us. She said it is hard to get all three of us in one shot though. She plans to use it more for shots of us individually and for shots of babies that don't move around yet! I did get to see pictures she took with it and I do love how it blurs out our backgrounds so nicely. I especially love these shots she got of me and Jordan in the ball pit. Look at how great the balls look in the background!

Also, mommy would like to get another lens sometime soon and she's been looking at the Tamron lenses. She is especially interested in the Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 and right now Amazon has a $60 rebate for them. So, if anyone else out there is thinking about investing in a new Tamron lens, check out all of the lenses they offer rebates on right now at Amazon.

Here are some other pictures mommy got of me and my brothers...enjoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Can you believe how big we are getting? We are 15 months old today. Mommy tried to get our "official" picture (as usual) But- boy did we give her a run for her money! I mean, we remember how much work it is for us to have to get our picture taken for these "milestones". SOOOO...I had to stand up on the couch and I told Addison and Jack to move around the entire shoot, too. I wanted to see what mommy was made of. Here's a few outtakes:
First, mommy tried the usual couch shot:

Then she decided to have us sit with our chairs like last month:

Finally- she caught us all sitting together playing with our blocks:

We aren't sure which of these to use for our "official" 15 month picture. Please vote in our poll on the top right side of our blog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rock Stars & Divas

I've always known that I was a "Diva" and I'm really glad my mom thinks so, too. She got us these shirts a few months ago and I've loved being able to wear mine. My brothers are "pretending" to be Rock Stars in their shirts. The first time they wore them, mommy put gel in their hair and made them look the part. Here's a few pictures of us in our shirts. Notice its hard to get Jordan to stay still long enough to get a shot of all three of us together.

This week was also the first time I finally could wear a pony tail! I was excited to try one out, until I realized it hurts to get it done. I decided no more pony tails or pig tails for me. All I do once mommy gets them in is pull them out and try to eat the elastics. Here's a few pictures of me while I kept it in though:

Today is Memere's birthday, so we are going to Skype her while she blows out her candles on her cake. We really wish we could be there to EAT the cake, too! Bummer. Also- Grandma Jean had surgery yesterday for her bladder, so this morning we got to go to the hospital to see her. Jordan thought we were going to the mall to play on the slide so he was thoroughly disappointed when we got out. I was a little nervous wondering why Grandma was at this place in her pjs. Jack, of course was good considering he was just there a few weeks ago in the ER.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look Who's Walking Too!

So its my turn to post and of course I have to announce that my sister is finally walking. I would love to be announcing it, but it only means that I'm the last kid standing (and not walking)! I am excited for her though. She has been taking steps for weeks, but she would always step so slowly that we'd forget she was walking. She has given me motivation now to try to get walking myself. Actually-I've been taking steps, too. I am up to 4 steps at once without falling. So, maybe in the next few weeks either Jordan or Addison will get to write this same post about me.

Here's a video of Addison walking today. She's really picked up speed. Hopefully she won't read this-but between you and me, Jordan told me that if she keeps walking as slow as she had been, that he wouldn't want to go places with her because he'd be in an out before she made it from the car.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Perks of Being a Riplet

I have always found my sister and brother to be kind of annoying. I mean, they take my toys, take all my puffs, and take all of mommy & daddy's attention. This week though, I've figured out that they may actually have a purpose! I realized that I can train them to help me do things. Like this morning, mommy had been pushing me all over the house on my 4-wheeler and then she said she had to stop and that my turn was over. I was really mad because I wanted to someone to push me. Well, guess who came up behind me and gave me a push? Jack decided that he could push me and make it a fun game. Boy, did I like that idea. Infact- I think I'll convince him to always push me around. I'm trying to figure out what else he and Addie can help me do now. Here's a video of Jack pushing me around:

We also figured out that taking a bath together instead of each on our own is WAY more fun. We started splashing and splashing and SPLASHING each other until mommy & daddy were just as wet as we were. Here's a video of Jack finishing up in the tub while Addison and I were getting dried off. If you see Jack, I'd maybe not mention to him that I put this on our blog. He may get a little embarassed. Mommy made sure nothing is showing...but still.

Finally, Addison has started making a bunch of goofy faces this week. She likes to copy mommy a lot. She does "big eyes" when mommy does, makes a sick face, and says "yeah, yeah, yeah" on command. She thinks she's something...I guess she needed a new trick to do for attention, since I could tell she was pretty mad that I was walking all over the house without her.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where Have the Riplets Gone?

Has everyone been wondering where the heck the Riplets are? We've been so busy between holidays, family visits and Jack getting sick that we haven't had time to keep up with our posts, sorry! Not a very good way to start our new year. Hopefully we can get back to our regular updates now so that our Riplet fans stay happy and not so hostile.

First of all, we still have to post pictures of our Christmas for you. We went to Auntie Dawn and Uncle Mark's house for Christmas Eve and we had a great time. We got a bunch of fun presents including a new play kitchen, a slide, our 1st bike, a 4x4 (not motorized, boo!), a ball pit, new booster seats, an inch worm (to ride), and tent w/a tunnel attached to it. Those are just some of the big toys we got. We also got a bunch of nice books, puzzles, and clothes. Christmas Eve we were all so excited (okay maybe just tired) about Santa coming that we went right to sleep and slept all night long. We even slept in for mommy & daddy and didn't get up until 6:20am. Christmas Day we got to open our stocking and gifts from Santa and we went to G'ma & G'pa's house for dinner.

On New Years Eve, Memere & Pepere came to see us! They brought us presents, too and we got to celebrate Christmas AGAIN with them. It was a lot of fun. We got some fun new books, bibs, clothes and puzzles and we also got some money to put in our savings account. Mommy & Daddy said we can use it when we go visit them in Massachusetts this summer. New Year's Eve was also the last night we had a bottle. We said good bye to babas for good as we started 2010. Mommy told us it was our New Year's Resolution.

Our Last Bottle

While Memere & Pepere were visiting, Jack started to feel pretty sick. It turns out (after a few visits to the dr and two visits to the ER) he had some major constipation and ended up having a total of 4 suppositories and 2 enemas before he finally felt better. Poor guy, luckily Jordan and I have no issues at all in that department. In fact, daddy just told me last week that he's going to charge me 25 cents for each extra overnight diaper I need to use (because I poop in them right after he puts it on me before bed) because he says "those aren't cheap!". For the record, I'm only up to $1.oo this week so that isn't too bad, right?