Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy's New Camera

Mommy finally got her new DSLR after her old Rebel was having issues. We went a good 2 months with just her point and shoot camera (kind of a blessing really. lol) and now we're back to mamarazzi again. Here's a few pictures she took this week. Enjoy!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Addie's Last Day

It was a sad day for us Riplets last week when Addison graduated from "college" (aka: CAP). She finished up her classes with her favorite college kids and seemed a little sad about leaving. Okay, so maybe she wasn't as sad as mommy and the students were to see her go. I was a little misty-eyed that day myself, but only because I really wanted to get all of the fun stuff she got when she left!
All three of us were attending college together up until March, so as a surprise mommy decided to let Jordan skip his usual school from home and go for a visit on Addie's last day. Let me just say, boy was he excited to get back there and see his people. I say "his people" because he literally has a fan club. I'm only assuming my last day at college will bring out sobs from the college kids because I can already tell I am their absolute favorite. I'm sure they won't ever admit this to me, but its pretty obvious those college girls are smitten by me and my strong pitching arm and boyish charm.
Anyways- back to Addison and her last day. Over the time Addie was at CAP, she spent most of her days swooning over Elmo and eating a lot of Dum Dum's. Along the way though, she seemed to really grow tight with one of her teachers and we're all pretty sure she thinks of him as her first real boyfriend. Lucky for her, he seemed to feel the same way and boy did he spoil her rotten when it was time to leave! She got a huge (think life size) Elmo balloon, Sesame Street coloring books, bubbles, a huge bag of Dum Dum's, Sunglasses, an Elmo book, an Elmo doll and her all-time favorite Elmo DVD. All I have to say is boy I'm glad I live with her because whenever she's not looking I get to use it all, too.
Here's some photos from that day, Enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reward Yourself {and Shop!} with BING

Of course, we have another guest blogger today and its none other then (the usual guest) mommy. She wants to tell you about how much she loves shopping...

First of all, thank you kids for letting me use your soap box to give our readers an insight on how much your mommy loves to shop. Lucky for you I do, too because you wouldn't be quite so stylin' without my shopping skills.

I've always loved to shop. Pre-Riplets, I'd go during my lunch hour (usually browsing but sometimes finding a deal that couldn't be passed up) and on the weekends with my friends (I know kids, "friends"? mommy actually used to have them!). I do recall searching online during my breaks at work, too sometimes-looking for items that I couldn't find at a store- but I didn't really embrace online shopping until after my kids were born. Now I cannot imagine life without online shopping.

Since I am home during the day with my kids and its tough getting all three out to the mall, I rely heavily on any shopping I can do during naps. Not only that, but I love that I can shop anywhere I want to, from the comfort of my home. I have found so many companies that I would've never got to experience if I wasn't able to find them online. The key word there is "find" them. I have a variety of ways I find new companies to shop at including seeing them on other blogs and discount fashion sites. My number one way to find new items and companies is using search engines like BING.

Why BING, you ask? Because you can get the best of both worlds by using this search engine. BING is easy to use and always gets me what I'm looking for in no time flat. Beyond its convenience, BING also offers BING Rewards. So as you search, you earn points that can be used to make future purchases. Its really a win-win situation!

If you haven't signed up for BING Rewards, now is you chance to try it out. To sign up simply go to Right now, upon signing up you will receive 250 credits to use towards any reward you'd like. To get an idea of how many credits you need, a $10 Starbucks gift card is 1338 credits. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up and get shopping on Bing!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthdays, Mother's Days, and Sunny Days!!

We had a pretty fun (and busy) weekend. It all started on Friday for mommy's birthday and just didn't stop until we went to bed on Sunday. At least, we hope it ended then! I know mommy & daddy probably went back to play at the park without us or something but I hope not.
For mommy's birthday, we got to have cupcakes and go to McDonald's for lunch. (not in that order though, I only wish!) After naps, we got to play outside because it was finally a nice day out. We stayed on our deck most of the time, throwing the balloons mommy got (we think they were for us though, g'ma gave her 3 balloons...hmmm?! coincidence, I think not) up in the air and telling them "bye bye!" Every time they'd go over the fence, we'd hear mommy grumble and tell us not to throw them. What's the fun in that though, really?

The rest of the weekend we got to celebrate mother's day with mommy and g'ma, and skype memere. We also headed to the park on Sunday in our choo choo wagon. When we got there, we were the only kids at the playground and we were really excited! Jordan and I tried out the big kid slides right away (daddy caught us) while Addison went right for the big kid swings. Eventually, daddy convinced us boys to try out the swings, too and we could do it!
Here's a few pictures of us at the park, ENJOY!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

We hope everyone has a wonderful day today, we plan to spend ours spoiling our mommy. We already got her some flowers but we'd love it if you'd go vote for Addison on her FreshFace contest on Facebook. That would be the best Mother's Day gift for her to have us win:
Just click HERE and/or HERE and "like" the photo of her! (you have to like Whippersnappers and Kathryn Rose Images fan pages in order to "like" the photo of Addison)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Addison's FreshFace Contest

Addie has entered herself (with the help of mommy, of course) into Whippersnapper's Fresh Face Contest. Its a local contest with the chance to become their "FreshFace Model".
Please help us out and vote for her on Facebook by "liking" her photo on Whippersnapper and on Kathryn Rose Images pages. The contest runs from May 3-10, 2011 so please help us out and "like" her photo and tell your friends, too!
Here's what she's got a chance to win:
Featured in Whippersnappers Boutique Look-Book section on its brand new website, set to launch next month, as well as a free creative portrait session and 16x20 portrait from Kathryn Rose Images, a $200 shopping spree from Whippersnappers Boutique as well as additional prizes from Renata Marie, Isabelle &Co. and Little Bare Bottoms.

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