Saturday, December 26, 2009


Joy to the World the Lord is Born!

These are some pictures of us in our Christmas outfits
Our "official" 14 month old picture

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa, is it too late...

To ask for something for Christmas?! I've decided the best gift in the world would be a big, huge slide that looks like a tree. I need to be able to climb up one side of it and then slide down the other side. I was thinking because its so big, we could put it in the livingroom. That is the only room in our house that has tall enough ceilings. I got the idea from playing at our mall's play area. Here's a video of me sliding...I'm pretty good at it, huh?

Also-- its a "Christmas Miracle" (hehe just kidding) mommy said because look who has FINALLY learned how to clap?! You all guessed I'd clap first, right?!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey Mom, Look at Me!

This week has been full of a bunch of new adventures for us Riplets. I've been practicing walking with my push toy (wasn't my idea, mommy told me I needed to), Jack has been practicing walking as well with his PT, Katie and Jordan has been walking and walking and WALKING all by himself all over the house. He's actually been "practicing" it, too because he keeps walking the same course throughout the house. He's learned how to stop (while walking) and bend down to pick things up again and he's trying to get to standing without having to hang on to anything. He actually made it work two times yesterday, too!

Since I get slightly annoyed (mommy says jealous) whenever Jordan walks (for the record I took 6 steps yesterday all alone!) and everyone claps, I have decided its time to learn a new trick (my "so big" arms aren't getting the claps like it used to) so I've learned how to dance. I shake my hips, wiggle my hinder (Auntie Dawn says you can't use the "B" word on here) and shake my head. I think I am pretty good at it, too. Jordan thinks its funny, he laughs and laughs when I do it. I bet he's just jealous of my skills. Here's a video of me dancing.

Jack has also decided he's done letting Jordan get all of the clapping and attention. He's been practicing his climbing skills. He leans over his bench he uses with Katie for his PT and he pulls himself up on top of it. Once he's on top he sits and then jumps off onto the ground. Here's a few pictures mommy got of him doing it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few of the Riplets Favorite Things!

We asked mommy if maybe we could do a post like Danielle's blog and tell all of our readers about how much we (mommy especially) LOVE A Few of My Favorite Things! Mommy is always finding great deals for us on it. She also enters every, single give away Danielle does. We've even been lucky enough to win a few times already! We've also been models for her products, when mommy sends in pictures of us wearing something we bought or won from the site. Today's post is one of those, we're showing off our "Rock" shirts. Just click here to see us!

Since Addison took over the last few posts, we thought "us boys" would show you a few of our other favorite things, too! Jack and I both love our blankies.

Jack also loves reading books and he's claimed this spot under mommy's sofa table as his "reading spot".

I also love my chair that my Aunt B and Uncle James got me for my birthday. I love to watch TV in it (okay, just Veggie Tales since that's all that's ever on around here)

One more of my favorite things is sippy cups. Especially when I get to drink 2 sippies as once. I guess its called "double fisting" which I am a pro at...please watch my video below.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a

Guess what we love to do now? Brush our teeth! We started to brush our own teeth after mommy & daddy gave us big kid tooth brushes. At first, Jordan didn't want to brush his teeth at all. He hated it when mommy & daddy tried to brush for him, too. He only has 2 teeth ya know so maybe he just is embarassed or something. Anyways- a few days ago he FINALLY decided brushing is fun, too. Check out these pictures of us brushing. Notice I think I am a super hero with my tooth brush. Maybe you could call me "toothie girl" (like larry boy).

Also this week, we put up our Christmas tree! It was kind of a big project because mommy & daddy were trying to figure out how to put it up without us being able to get to it. I was really annoyed. Why would you put something up that we can't touch? Especially something that looks like so much fun! I guess we were first going to have a real tree but have it outside on the deck for us just to look at. Then, Auntie Dawn and Uncle Mark offered us to use Great Grandma Thelma's old fake tree. We tried that but it was too big and we could get to it because there wasn't enough furniture to move around it. So finally, mommy & daddy pulled out their old, tiny 4 ft tree and put it on an end table. boo! We wanted a big one to practice our climbing skills.

Here's a few pictures of our Christmas tree...notice once again Jordan is trying to show off by walking towards the camera! There's also a few other pics from the week...YES, most are of me, but I told the boys its my post, so I can do what I want! (Santa- if you are reading this...I was nice about it, I promise) Enjoy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Look Who's Walking!

So you are all trying to guess who's walking aren't you? Well, if you remember who posted last you'll know that I am the answer! Usually we have to take turns posting but I begged (and bribed) to post again today since its a big milestone. (Some of you may know that I am also a huge computer geek and I really only needed another excuse to be able to type away at the computer's keyboard) So have you guessed who I am? Its me, Jordan!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Re-arranging Our House

So awhile ago, mommy & daddy made a room just for us and its called "The Toy Room". Well, we all really think the room is just too small for all of our toys and its kinda dark in there compared to the living room. Plus-when we get to watch Veggie Tales, that is on the big TV in the living room. Since we are getting pretty big and can move things on our own we decided to do some re-arranging. The three of us worked together yesterday and moved all of our toys (ok at least most of the toys) into the living room to play. Notice the second picture below is the old toy room. Its nice and open now for mommy & daddy to sit in and use as their living room.

We decided the living room just fits our toys and our needs much better. Now I can lick the slider window and Addison and sit in her chair and look outside. The toy room didn't even have a window we could see out of! Jack likes this room better, too because now he can push his toys into the kitchen. Check out this video of him.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa is Here!

Mommy told me on our way to see Santa that "he knows if you've been bad or good" and that I better make sure I'm nice to him (and don't cry) and nice to mommy,daddy and my brothers. Ok, here's the thing...HOW does he know? When we went to see Santa yesterday I checked the big guy out. He didn't have any cameras that I could see and I definitely know he hasn't been hanging out at my house. I mean, he's a big guy I'd notice him. I am really not sure how he knows what I am doing. Anyways- as I figure him out, I wanted to tell you about our visit.

We took our choo choo wagon to the mall and we wore our new Christmas shirts that mommy's friend, Sara made us. When we got to Santa he recognized us (mommy says because he knows us already, but I know he just remembers seeing our crazy choo choo wagon come to the play area all the time) and was excited to see we were coming for a visit and pictures. We met our cousins there, too. It was nice to have them around since they've met Santa before and they didn't seem nervous. During pictures mommy told the elves that "Addison has stranger anxiety and will probably cry at Santa". Well, that just made me mad! So of course I didn't cry, instead I made sure Jack cried in my place. Just to make mommy look silly. Jordan LOVED Santa and sat on his lap. Infact- he didn't even want to turn and look for a picture he was so interested in Santa and his beard. (Jordan just wanted to show off)

Here's some pictures from the afternoon. Enjoy!