Thursday, March 8, 2012

We've Been Banned

If you've been wondering what happened to us, no worries. Mommy and daddy just banned us from using the internet. Since we got our iPad (from memere & pepere- thank you!) we've been spending our time searching YouTube for videos to watch. I've become a huge "Angry Bird Addict" (according to daddy) So, between me wanting to play and watch all things Angry Birds and Jordan demanding to watch any home video on YouTube about Thomas & Lightening McQueen together we've been told we no longer get internet privileges.

I tried to tell mommy that it only means that our blog will suffer, but she didn't budge on this one. I finally snuck the iPad into my room during "quiet time" (you read that right, we all stopped napping for mommy) just to get you this much!

Here's a few pictures of us mommy got this week...enjoy!

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