Monday, July 26, 2010

We are Big Kids now!

Over the weekend, mommy & daddy decided to have us try out our booster seats instead of our high chairs when we eat. They said we need to be able to eat at the table with them since we'll be heading to Massachusetts soon for vacation (yay! Memere & Pepere here we come) and this is our only choice.

I, of course had no issues eating at the table. I love to eat and I am usually not too messy about it. Addison on the other hand, is always messy. She can crumble (yes, I said crumble!) a cheeseburger into a million little pieces. She smashes her banana in her hair (I think she's mistaking it for gel) and usually makes a mess of anything she gets her hands on. This was no exception. About 30 seconds after mommy took this photo, Addison had picked up the suctioned bowl and dumped it all over the place.

Jordan was pretty good about it. He hates being messy anyways, so he does his best to keep his place clean. He will even toss all of his food off of his place mat just to keep it from messing him up. Here he's using his spoon...umm sort of.
Our favorite part about eating at the table was being able to use our new place mats from Susan! They each have our names on them, which is so much fun! Mommy had to tape them to the table, since I really wanted to see if I could pull the place mat off without moving my plate. Just an FYI, that doesn't work.

Friday, July 23, 2010

MidSummer Blog Party is Here!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fashion Hurts

I really love shoes. Mommy says I am just like her, because she loves shoes, too. She told me that when she was little, she would tell her mommy that shoes fit her (in the store) even if they were too small just because she had to have them. She said that sometimes looking good is a painful process. I have to say, I completely agree.

This week, while helping mommy pick out what I'd wear that day, I found this fabulous pair of pink jelly shoes that are actually vintage. They are from 1984, when Auntie Brittany wore them! Mommy has already let me wear the white pair that are my size, but the pink ones are a few sizes too big, so she hadn't let me wear them yet. Well, I put them on and I haven't taken them off since (daddy did make me take them off to take a bath though, boo). I actually understand now how fashion hurts, I got a blister from wearing them around the house for days. Mommy says its because they were too big and rubbing on my feet. I guess its just the beginning of things I'll do for fashion.

Here I am wearing my shoes (er...Aunite B's shoes) with my pajamas.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sneak Peek...

Mommy is taking over our blog(AGAIN!) for this PSA to all of our readers...

Thank you, Riplets for letting me use your blog. I just thought I'd give a teaser of what's to come a week from today during our MidSummer Blog Party!
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I've already given you the list of the other blogs involved but now let's take a peek at what fun companies are working with us during the party:
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes, you aren't seeing things that is me, Jordan in the water at the pool today. I know I am usually running back and forth on the pavement next to the pool but today g'pa Dave came to the pool and since he got in the water, I had to get in too! Those are g'pa's legs next to me. I was a little embarrassed for him, since he wasn't even in a swimsuit or swim diaper (I was NOT going to take responsibility if he pee'd in the pool!).

Meanwhile, Addison and Jack had a blast in their life jackets (suckers! I was three adults and they only had one watching each of them, so they had to wear them. hehe) playing near the water mushroom and get this- going down the huge water slide!

They actually went under the mushroom and had fun splashing in it. I hate getting that wet, its bad enough at bath time having to have water poured over my head. Why would you purposely do this to yourself??
As we were leaving, Addison fell down (running away from g'ma because she didn't want to leave) and scraped her knee. I hate that I'm the one to have to post this, considering my scrape looks pretty pathetic now in comparison.

Addison asked that I make you all think that she fell down while at the pool when she slipped on some rice. I told her no one would believe that story, since the rice was clearly on our deck in back. She said she didn't want her readers to think she was naughty running away. SO...if she asks, yes I told you she slipped on the rice leaving the pool. Hence the post title (pool + rice = boo boo)

Anyways- After the pool today we came home and played with our new tub of rice and toys that daddy made us. I have to say, I found it pretty dull once I found the measuring cups mommy hid right near the surface. Jack on the other hand thought it was a blast. Here's a few pictures...also- we told daddy that all of the rice just fell out while we were playing NOT that we purposely dumped scoop after scoop over our heads. SO...if you see him...well you know the routine. We aren't lying, just trying to remain "angelic" and not classified as being in the terrible two's yet.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a Day!

Our day started off with a bang. Literally. I fell down the stairs on my way up with mommy and my siblings. Mommy tells me she heard the bang and looked back and I was face down on the floor. I was smart enough to hang on to my blankie for dear life. You may be able to see the bruising and of course the scrapes to the bridge of my nose. No worries though, we don't think its broken. I just look like a scrapper now. Seeing me type it out so proper looks silly. I say it with my ol' boston accent so its "scrappa".

After breakfast, daddy told us he had a fun surprise for us and took us (w/mommy of course!) to the state fair. We were really excited and even got to use our Inglesina triple stroller for the event. Good thing, too. The minute we got in the gates in began to rain on us, so we were really happy to have such big canopies over us. At the fair, we tried a bunch of fun foods including New Zealand pie, deep fried cheese curds and cream puffs. This is Addison eating a cheeseburger from the 4-H stand. (I bet you guessed it, she didn't like any of the other food we were eating).

Here we are waiting for our fresh, hot cheese curds to be made. I thought they were okay, Jordan refused to eat them and Addison loved them. Yep, you read that right LOVED them. Yet she still got mommy & daddy to buy her a cheeseburger afterwards.

Can you tell what I just finished eating here? I've got some of the cream I didn't lick off my lips yet from the cream puff! It wasn't all eating though. They had rides and animals to see, too. Daddy took us each one by one into the horse barn to look at all of the horses there for show today. Jordan was the most interested, while Addison had no interest at all. Infact- she seemed pretty annoyed that daddy took her away from her cheeseburger. She even grabbed a piece to eat as they looked at the horses.

Here we are on the car ride. We are all starting to get the hang of rides and we love them! Even Addison cracked a smile this time. Afterwards, well...we were all screaming because we didn't want to be done. Jordan really loved it. He smiled from ear to ear the entire time and even pushed the buttons to make the lights go on and blink at us.
That wasn't the end of the day though. After naps, we went to mommy's friend Phil's house for a visit. It wasn't actually his house since he lives far away, but we went to his mommy and daddy's to see him and his new babies. You read that right PLURAL! We had to go see the twin boys he had. Here's a picture of us all at the house. Notice I am too busy to even look at the camera for this shot? I really had to check out their new toy they got.Whew. It was a long day, because we ended it at Auntie Dawn and Uncle Mark's house for dinner. I am so exhausted, I better get to bed myself. If mommy sees me with her laptop in my crib I am BUSTED.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


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Monday, July 5, 2010

Cupcakes & Popsicles!

Our holiday weekend was so much fun, even if it did rain on us all day yesterday! We got to go outside in the rain and play on our deck after all morning waiting for it to clear up. Mommy had decided to let us try popsicles for the very first time, but she was thinking it was going to be hot and sunny so we'd be outside eating them. Instead, she gave me mine in my swimsuit on the deck. I was excited and thrilled to splash in the puddles while licking this amazing treat. My siblings had no interest AT.ALL. in either activity. Addison and Jordan did come out on the deck with me for about 2 minutes, but quickly decided it was to wet for their liking ( can anything be "too wet?!").

I was kinda glad they didn't want to be outside, because daddy had their popsicles out there with us and actually gave me an extra one because it was melting!

We also got to have homemade cupcakes! That was a first for us...well at least the first time mommy actually "baked" us anything. That's right, she doesn't bake, she "buys" is what she tells us about sweets. I have to say I was happy she decided to at least try to bake us these cupcakes because they turned out fabulous! I ate mine right up and looked like Santa when I was done. I had a frosting beard that dripped down off of my chin even. Too bad mommy didn't get a picture of that for you, too. Addison enjoyed her cupcake, too...she enjoyed smooshing it all over everything in site. It was actually pretty disgusting to see. I mean, I would've ate that cupcake if I would've known that's what she was going to do with it! Jordan on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it. How can he not like cupcakes and popsicles?!

On a final note, we had our first knee scrape of the Riplets EVER. I know, hard to believe we've made it 20+months and never scraped our knee. Jordan fell this morning and mommy just had to get a picture for the blog she told us.

I gotta say, it doesn't look that bad. Is it even a scrape?!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


We hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend...because we sure are!