Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

We spent our Christmas Eve and Auntie Dawn and Uncle Mark's house eating our traditional lasagna (who are we kidding, we had PB&J sandwiches), salad, and frozen fruit cup. After dinner, we got to open our gifts. At first, we were excited to open everything, but to be honest- after about the third gift we had no interest in what was inside. That was, until grandma Jean brought out our new motorized Jeep! I jumped right in it and tried to make it go, but uncle James ended up having to show me how to push my foot down to make it move. Jack fought me for it, but I won by giving him the "Heisman".

Christmas day we woke up later then usual (we got home late the night before, so we had to rest up for Santa's arrival) to gifts Santa left us along with stockings filled with goodies. We had a fun time opening all of the gifts and Addie was the first to check out what Santa left us in our stockings. We got some DVD's, pajamas and cars (Addie got a My Little Pony) from Santa and mommy & daddy got us a bunch of fun building blocks and a dolly that uses the potty.

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas, enjoy!

Jack had a similar photo last year. I sense a theme!

Jack dancing...

Auntie B & baby Noah
It really sucks to get your hinder stuck in a Tonka Truck...

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Twas the Night Before...

Christmas Eve and what have we been up to?

We went to the mall play area today to get us out of our house. Mommy said we've been "crazies" cooped up in here too long. The mall was chaotic, but boy did Jordan and I love playing with all of the kids there. Addison was social for about 5 minutes and then decided sitting in the choo choo wagon was the best spot for her.

Later today Auntie B, Uncle James and our new cousin, Noah will be stopping by to visit since they just got into town. Here's a few photos of us from the week. Enjoy!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Its almost Christmas and at our house that means its almost Jesus' birthday! We are still trying to grasp the whole idea of what really goes on this time of year, but so far it involves us counting down until Christmas (mommy tells us its a birthday for Jesus, so we are really hoping they'll be cake!), a big tree in our house (I like to shake it, lick it, and of course try to hug it), and a lot of fun new pictures (mommy says those are Christmas cards) taped to our wall.

The best part though, has been the jingle bells mommy brings out for us to shake. She told us that we usually put them on our Christmas tree, but she wondered if we'd leave them on the tree or tear the whole thing down. We all think the latter is more our style. Mommy and daddy have been really on us since the tree went up, telling us "don't touch" and "please don't unplug the lights". Its just too much fun not to at least attempt to do these things, right? Our tree is really pretty, but others have asked mommy "why aren't there any ornaments on the bottom half?" To be honest, we all want to know why, too?! She always mumbles something about our little fingers all over the place.

Anyways- here are a few photos mommy got of us this past week wearing our new Christmas pajamas and playing with our jingle bells. Enjoy!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy Days

If you live near us, you know what we mean when we say we just witnessed the BIGGEST snow storm of our lives! Okay, okay- so we've only witnessed 2 winters so far but from what mommy says, it was a big blizzard.

We haven't been able to get out our front door yet (for real, we have like 2 feet of snow) but we thought you'd like to see what we'd look like if we were outside playing in the mounds of snow in our backyard. These are a few photos from last weekend. It was the first time we got outside to play in the snow this year and we had a BLAST!

Addison loved the snow the most, look at her determination in this photo. She saw a big pile of snow to play in and nothing was going to stop her.

I loved playing with daddy the most. He played chase with me in the snow and we threw snow balls around and at each other, too.
Jack and Addie figured out how much fun it is to tap the trees and watch the snow go everywhere. Check out these pictures mommy got of them...

Here I am watching daddy run around like a crazy person. He's really fast, even in the snow!

Finally, here's a photo of us with grandpa Dave this week. We started playing this really fun game with him, where he slides us around the floor together and we laugh and laugh. Mommy tells us she just needs to put some Swifter refills on us and we can clean her floors for her, too.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus...

Over the long weekend we got to enjoy some much needed time with memere & pepere. They came for Thanksgiving and stayed through Tuesday with us. During their visit we decided to take them with us to see Santa at the mall. Okay- truth be told- mommy and daddy wanted us to see Santa and none of us really wanted to see him. I bet you figured that out though from the photo mommy got of us above. NOT that we don't like Santa, but we didn't really like to sit on his lap while strange people jumped around trying to make us smile. We get enough of that at home from mommy's photo session.

Here we are waiting in line to see him...

We also went to the park one afternoon to swing and play. We took our choo choo wagon there, too and got to go for a walk. Mommy says she has A LOT more photos from memere & pepere's visit but since its my naptime those will have to wait until next post. You will notice I threw in a few extra shots of me because I'm posting. hehe
Here's a few photos from the afternoon. Enjoy!

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