Monday, August 31, 2009

Watch out World...HERE WE COME!

We've made some really great improvements this week on crawling and just getting around in general. Both Jack and Jordan are now crawling forward on a regular basis. Jack still likes to get lazy and crawl on his tummy when he's tired. I am also crawling everywhere AND I'm now pulling myself to standing on almost any furniture and toys I can get my hands on. Mommy & Daddy keep telling me "Addison! Be careful you are going to fall!" but I just think they are being over-protective. I have bumped my head on things at least 10 times a day though. So maybe they know more about this then I do? Here's a video of me standing and my brothers are playing nearby:

Also, mommy got a video of Jordan crawling. He looks so funny kinda like a lizard or something because he crawls so fast!

Mommy also had a garage sale this weekend here's a few pictures of us at the sale and from this week. We had a lot of fun at the sale, but we were kinda mad mommy was selling all of our stuff!

Jordan & Daddy aka: mini me

Grandpa Dave's Retirement Party!

Isaiah's Kool Aid Stand

Us trying out the merchandise at the Garage Sale

Auntie Dawn & Addison

On a side-note:
We will be having our first ever GIVE-AWAY this weekend. Please check back on Weds or Thursday for more details.

Monday, August 24, 2009


This weekend was SO MUCH FUN! We got to go to Wisconsin Dells to a water park and meet mommy's friends from college and go on the all fun water toys. We love the water so much so we knew as soon as daddy told us we were going that we were going to have a blast. While we were there we celebrated turning 10 months old. Of course Addison immediately asked G'ma Jean where the cake was to celebrate. Mommy told her that she doesn't get a cake and presents until the BIG one, which is in October. We all are getting excited for that one.

While we were at the Dells Jordan mastered crawling. Well, Addison says he actually knows how to crawl now but wouldn't say "mastered" crawling. He crawls BACKWARDS. So now we have one of us crawling forward, another backwards and I'm doing the army crawl still. I also can crawl on all fours but I get tired so quickly so I prefer the speed I get when I'm lower to the ground.

We took our cousins with us to the Dells because Auntie Dawn and Uncle Mark were gone to Cancun to celebrate Dawn's 40th Birthday. We had to ask how many months old did that make her? We found out that she's 480 months old!

Mommy & Daddy had a fun time with mommy's friends. Sarah & Tom brought their two boys Jacob and Andrew. They had a great time on all the water toys, too. Mommy said she had so much fun catching up with Sarah. She said we need to go back again sometime soon. Of course we all agreed!

Here are some pictures from the weekend and our 10 month old shot, too.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Proofing Time

So this morning daddy told mommy that after this week she needs to "ALWAYS KEEP THE GATE CLOSED" because of Addison. (hahaha) He told her that I get around way too easily and that all I do now is get into trouble. I guess he's referring to all of the crawling I've been doing this week. I am also trying to figure out how to pull myself up to standing. I know once I master that, the entire house will be my playground! My favorite things to crawl to include the fireplace (I LOVE to see myself in the reflection and try to stand up), the air vents (especially when the A/C is on because my hair blows in the wind) and the coffee table. Mommy always asks me why I don't want to crawl to my toys? Well, I do love my toys but to be honest the other stuff is WAY more exciting to play with. Anyways, just to show her I do love my toys, this morning when she went to put Jack down for a nap I was in the living room and decided to go into the playroom and play. Daddy came up stairs and saw Jordan in the living room and said to mommy, "oh I didn't know you put Addison down for a nap already too" Mommy quickly yelled back that she never put Addison down. Meanwhile, I was hiding (ok playing) in the other room...hehehe. Daddy finally found me and that's when mommy got the lecture about always having the gate closed. Here's a picture of me playing with the vent:

Besides me and all of my mobility, Jordan is really making some efforts and improvements in the crawling department. He has crawled backwards a few times but never when mommy or daddy are looking. He is also pulling himself up to his knees to play with toys and furniture AND he also is getting from his pack to sitting all the time now. He's been working so hard and trying to crawl and be mobile that he fell asleep in the playroom today!

Jack's tooth is getting bigger and he's so excited to eat real food now. Mommy still tells him he needs another tooth so he can chew though. Besides his tooth he is also getting around the house very easily. He isn't really crawling on all fours but me IS doing the army crawl really well. Infact- he's got rug burns on his elbows from all of the crawling he's been doing!

Here are a few pictures of the events this weeks events.

Monday, August 17, 2009

We have a break through...finally!

Yes, after months of anticipation one of us finally has a tooth. Mommy has been telling everyone since we were 10 weeks old that we were teething but really, we're just crabby A LOT.

Jack woke up in the night really upset and cried for almost an hour straight. Mommy & Daddy wondered about some yogurt he had tried the night before because we're pretty sure he still has as milk protien allergy. Well, after daddy left for work mommy realized that Jack had a tooth! Funny thing is mommy thought it was a top tooth but Jack surprised us all with it popping through on the bottom first.

Jack asked if he could order a burger now next time we go out to eat. He said he was told by many family members that he can't have a burger until he gets teeth.

For those of you questioning if this tiny nub counts as a tooth, we've already put out a survey to other mommies and they all said if you can feel it, IT COUNTS!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Big Kid Bath!!

This week was really a busy week for us all. I know Addison told you she crawled on Monday and that I am starting to get a tooth. Well, I decided that its pretty nice how she can get around and get her toys and stuff on her own. Both Jordan and I asked her to help us out and bring us stuff but Addison told us "Get your own stuff!" So, I've been working really hard all week to figure out how to crawl. Mommy says I am "army crawling" because I can move but I'm not really on all fours. Here's a video of me from Wednesday:

Also this week we took our very first bath like big kids! We had so much fun splashing that mommy & daddy got all wet. They should've just gotten in the tub, too. We played with our bath toys while mommy washed hair and daddy washed our bodies. They said that was to save time but we were having a lot of fun in the tub so we didn't mind if it took longer. Addison peed on the floor the second daddy took her out of the tub. Daddy was upset because he said he had "just cleaned you!" So, now Jordan and I know enough not to pee the second we get out of the tub. Maybe instead of peeing on ourselves and getting dirty again we'll just aim at daddy?

Jordan would also like everyone to know that he is really trying hard to be like the rest of us and get on his hands and knees. He doesn't get why we aren't just trying to walk but he is at least "pretending" to look interested in crawling by laying on his tummy and then popping onto all fours. He also made himself get into sitting position from his crawling position. Boy, was he exciting when that happened!

On a side note we forgot to mention that while on vacation Jordan said, "mama!" twice and mommy immediately said that Jordan was her FAVORITE!? How could that be? She's not supposed to have favorites. Anyways- since then both Addison and I have said "mama" but we both only did it that one time and no one says it regularly. We figured we don't really need to call for her because she's always with us. Now she at least knows we know who she is, right?

Finally, I want everyone to know that my front top tooth is just today starting to push through. Mommy put her finger in my mouth this morning and said "ouch!" hehehe. I think having a tooth is going to be so much fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So Jordan told you last time that I wasn't quite crawling yet. Well, I seem to have a slight temper and boy was I annoyed when I heard that he didn't think those few knees and arms were crawling!! Like he even tries to crawl? Anyways- on Monday I finally showed everyone that I INDEED know how to crawl and I even will crawl sideways and backwards to prove my point. Check out this video mommy got of me yesterday. Oh...and on a sidenote Jack wants everyone to know that he's starting to get his 1st tooth. Its his top right one. He's thrilled because he's gonna look like Larry Boy from Veggie Tales. I looked at it and its probably not even a tooth but mommy & daddy said its the closest thing to a tooth any of us have had. Hopefully it will pop through in the next few days. Does anyone know what I can do to beat him to it though? Ya on how to get teeth faster?

Who guessed Addison was to crawl first?!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Riplet's 1st Vacation

So now we are back and we've had one night of sleeping in our own cribs. We decided we better get this vacation in our blog before we forget some important details.

Our trip started off over 2 weeks ago when we packed up our Trailblazer and headed East to Massachusetts. Mommy & Daddy had the truck filled to the top with all of our things. Luckily there was room for toys for us otherwise we're pretty sure we never would've made it out of the driveway. We left right after dinner because Mommy & Daddy thought we'd want to sleep for awhile and get a few hours of driving out of the way. Well their plan kinda worked except we were soo excited none of us fell asleep until 11pm!! We were just so excited to go see Memere & Pepere and to be in our pjs in the car. Plus- daddy surprised us with a portable DVD player with Veggie Tales for the ride.

The next day we took a few pit stops for meals and to let us play and around 5pm we decided we needed to stop driving and sleep in our cribs again instead of our carseats. We stopped in Weedstown, NY at a Comfort Inn and we all were sooo tired of riding in the car we fell right asleep. Infact- daddy told us the next morning that was the first time since we were born that no one needed a binky or woke up at all for the entire night!

We finished our drive out on Saturday morning and arrived in Leominster about 1:30pm. Boy were Memere & Pepere and the family excited to see us. They said we had gotten so big. When we got to the house we found out that there was a bunch of new toys for us to play with! We thought they were going to come home with us after our vacation but daddy told us that our friend Emma actually let us borrow them while we were visiting. She is pretty lucky though, she had a Johnny Jumper which we had never seen before! Jordan especially loved it and spent a lot of time making big circles and spinning around in it. Daddy said he looked like he was part of Cirque du Soleil...we weren't sure what that is but we decided it must be some really great jumpers and spinners.

The first week of vacation we spent visiting family and friends. Most of the people we saw came to our place so we could play with our toys and play in our pool. We did go visit Great Grammy at her house one day though. While we were there we got to meet her friend, Gloria who had knit us some really nice blankets. We also celebrated Aunt Annette's 60th Birthday at Long Horn Steakhouse.

On Monday we got to go to the park and go on our first swing (besides the baby one we had in our house). We had so much fun in the swings and Jordan even got to try out the slide!

On Wednesday we met up with a bunch of our friends and family at Davis Farmland. We had never been to a zoo or anywhere to see farm animals OR to a water park so we were looking forward to the day. We met up with our friends Olivia & Tyler and "Auntie" Melissa, Joel, Tara and our friend Emma (she's the one that let us borrow her toys) and our friend Roy, his grandma Simone and Aunt Susan.

On Friday we went to visit mommy & daddy's work friends. We couldn't believe how many people know our parents and think we were "sooo cute!". Everyone was so nice to us and all wanted to hug and kiss us. Afterwards we went to mommy's friend Amanda's house for lunch and a visit. We had so much fun at Amanda's and we got to play with Sophie and Logan and Landon. Sophie is a few months older then us and Logan and Landon are twins who are 5 weeks older then us. We had so much fun playing and yelling with everyone. There were so many kids that mommy said we looked like a daycare. We sure can't wait to go back and see them again next summer!

Saturday, Memere and Pepere had an open house for us and invited lots of family and friends. We even got to meet our birthday-sharing friend, Samantha. We were so surprised to see that she was our exact age and has 8 teeth!! She also crawled circles around us. That of course made Addison mad so she spent the rest of the week trying and trying to crawl.

We headed to Falmouth on Sunday afternoon. We had heard about "the cape" from mommy & daddy a lot and we couldn't wait to see the ocean again. We got to see it only one other time when we were only 9 weeks old but it was winter then so it wasn't the same! We stayed right on the beach in a cute cottage at the Beachside Village. We spent our time playing at the beach or floating in our toys at the pool.

After returning from the beach, we spent our last few days of our vacation poolside at Memere's house and seeing a few other family friends. The ride home was a long one, but luckily mommy & daddy decided to stay overnight two nights in a row just to make sure we didn't go insane in the back seat. We usually only get to watch cartoons on DVD right after we get up and right before bed, but we were spoiled on the way home and got to watch it almost the whole way back! Daddy said he needed us to watch it or he'd "go crazy". Whatever his reasoning we were just excited to see so many cartoons!

We can't wait to go back and see all of our new friends and family again next year!

Friday, August 7, 2009

We're Back!

We are back from our exciting vacation to Massachusetts!! Well, ok daddy says we aren't "technically" back yet but we are in the home stretch. Infact- we're in Indiana at a Hilton trying to rest up for our final drive home tomorrow. My brother and sister are both snoozing away but I took a 3 hour nap today and can't mommy said I could get a quick update for everyone that was anxiously awaiting a new blog post.

Boy do we have so much to fill you guys in on!! I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll tell you what didn't happen. NO, none of us got teeth on the trip much to mommy & daddy's dismay. Everyone thought Addison MUST be getting teeth at the beginning of the trip because she was so crabby and whiney and drooling like a faucet. But...then we realized that is how Addison has been for the past 9 months. hahahaha! (don't tell her I said that) None of us are crawling yet either, but if Addie was awake she'd say that she is pretty much crawling. Just not all the time and not very well yet. She has been on all fours the entire vacation just rocking back and forth and as of Wednesday she finally moved her hands and feet two times together. So I guess that is crawling, but since she's not here we'll leave the details to her.

Here's a quick rundown of our vacation but I'll wait for more details and all of the pictures until we are actually home again. We had so much fun at Memere and Pepere's house. We got to see all of daddy's family again and all of mommy & daddy's friends! We also got to go on our first set of swings, visit Davis Farmland, go to the beach, and we spent A LOT of time in the pool!
Here are a few pictures and the rest will be coming very soon...