Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More From Our Vacation

We are still really busy on our vacation. I thought I better take a break to check my emails and update you guys on what we are doing. We are back at Memere & Pepere's house, just relaxing and visiting family and friends. We've had rain for the past few days though, so I am going stir-crazy in the house. Luckily, daddy let me run wild outside this morning while Addie and Jack threw rocks into the storm drain. We also went to NH to Fun World yesterday to play. I loved that I could run around and play with all of the big kids there. Jack told me they weren't playing with me, but I think he just didn't see them. He said they were running "by" me, not with me.

Anyways- since its raining out, we don't have a lot of photos to show you. Instead, we have so many from the Cape we haven't shared yet, so here they are!

Happy 22 Months Old!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gone to the Cape

We are really busy playing at the beach this whole week. We drove and drove and DROVE out to see Memere & Pepere last week and now we are hanging out at a beach house getting really dirty, eating bugs, licking trees, and carrying sticks everywhere we go. Okay, so that last line was really what I was doing and not my brothers.

I can't write much now, but I thought you'd enjoy some pictures of us from the week. Jack loves the beach (surprise, surprise) and he makes a huge scene when its time to leave. I'll see if mommy can get a picture today when we leave so you can see how bad he gets.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

G'ma Jean's Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated G'ma Jean's 60th birthday. I was excited, because I heard that we'd get to eat cake and I love to each anything that sounds like its bad for you. We started the birthday festivities by heading to my cousin, Eli's baseball tournament. Here, I sat with G'pa Dave and enjoyed the game...of course while downing a few drinks. (it was hot out, I needed more then one!)

Jack sat watching the game in one of the big people chairs. He really loves anything with a ball and especially when they swing the bats to hit the ball! He's always using other toys, his blanket and his hand to hit balls all over the place.

Addison had no interested watching the game, instead she walked around and explored the area. She was really excited because Chris was there to follow her like her personal assistant. She'd purposely drop her sippy cup and then look over her shoulder to make sure he was picking it up for her. She's a diva already, I am not looking forward to our teenage years.
We also went to the farmer's market and got some fresh veggies. I have to say, they looked great at the market but I didn't like them when mommy tried to make me eat them later.
Here are a few wild flowers mommy took pictures of while we were at the farmer's market.

After the baseball game, we took G'ma Jean to Pizza Hut to celebrate. I was really excited, because Pizza is my absolute favorite food to eat! I sat by daddy and mommy and Jack got to sick next to the birthday girl.
After dinner, we got to sing to G'ma and then eat CAKE! I can't wait until our birthday, I think I'll get my very own cake then, right? If not, I think I better start persuading mommy and daddy to make it that way.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lazy Summer Days...

Since its August, we've been lazy just enjoying the weather and hanging out with mommy and family. We got to go play at a park again, today but this time mommy's Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann came with us. They are visiting from DC and they wanted to see where we played. We went to one of our favorite parks along the river. Its my favorite because it has the BEST sticks around. I can find funny fat ones and skinny long ones to carry around and stick into ant hills along the way.

Jordan loves this park, too. He loves to run away from mommy and onto the paved path to the river. Luckily, mommy keeps a good eye on him and can run fast when she has to! (remember how naughty he is mommy next time you are scolding me please).

Jack also loves this park because he gets to swing and play on the climber. He really loves to climb up and pretend he's driving us with the steering wheel. He also loves wearing his sunglasses that mommy bought him a few weeks ago. I'm annoyed when he wears them and I usually try to take them off and break them when I can. I just don't get why he got a pair of sunglasses, I am obviously the fashionista of this trio, right?

At the end of playtime at the park, mommy asked us to get a picture with g'pa Dave and Great Uncle Mike and Ann. I, of course was not happy having my photo taken. I have to deal with mommy always sneaking photos (she's worse the paparazzi) so this was not my idea of a good time. Here's a few photos from this afternoon, too. We're just hanging out being lazy in our new chairs that Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann brought us and a few others from today. Enjoy!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Few Tricks...

This weekend, we decided to show off for daddy since he misses out on some of our amazing tricks we do while he's at work. Daddy played with us all day on Saturday, while mommy sold all of our old stuff at our garage sale.

I started out the day by telling daddy "Hi Dada!!" which for our speechless group, was pretty impressive. Daddy was really happy that I could tell say "Hi Dada!" to him and now expects me to say it each time he comes into the room (I'm pretty sure this is going to get old FAST). I also just realized that mommy deserves hugs (she really does a lot for us each day)so now I will go up to her and give her a BIG hug and a wet kiss. Sometimes I'll even tell her "love you!" Which, daddy says comes out more like "wuuuuuuuuuv ewww!".

Jordan decided he was not putting up with me getting all of the attention, so he showed daddy that he can walk down the stairs standing upright and without holding on to anyone's hands (he's such a show-off). He's also been doing push ups for everyone or at least his version of a push up. He'll do them for a long time, which is really a bad thing for me. It just means he's bulking up to beat me up later on.

Addison, on the other hand, has turned into a very naughty trickster. She's been doing her own stunts like climbing up into her high chair and climbing in. She even climbs back out and onto the back of our arm chair! Daddy also caught her standing on the glider's arm trying to reach the light switch to turn it on and off. Addison has also been standing on the picnic table and walking on it like she's on a catwalk. Yes, she thinks she's a model now that she's been doing product reviews with mommy. It appears she may have a future in stunt work, wouldn't you say?

Here's a few photos from the weekend. There aren't any of us doing our amazing tricks, but we figured you'd enjoy them anyways.