Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Miss Independent

We've been prepping for the 4th of July this week by becoming VERY independent from mommy. Addison seems to be the most independent (Jordan BEGS to differ). She decided this weekend to stop letting anyone give her her bottle. Instead she fusses and hits and pushes everyone's hands away that try to hold her bottle for her. So mommy told her "fine. hold your own bottle but don't make a mess on my floor!" So sure enough she holds it and tips is up really high when its getting towards the end. Sometimes she even tips it too far and it falls behind her onto the carpet...and dripping! Addie also hates sitting and playing with toys. Well, not the playing with toys part just she hates sitting. She always wants to be on the go, which really annoys the rest of us boys. We just want her to play like us. Instead she takes every, single toy we are playing with and then tosses it over her head. What is the point in that?! Then she'll usually lunge out to grab them and fall onto her tummy. She ALWAYS hollers when that happens. The rest of us just look at her in shock because we know the outcome before it happens.

Anyways...Jordan does not think that Addie is the most independent. Infact he wants all of you to remember he's been holding his own bottle for months and she's just getting it now?! SO...just to prove that he is one up on her he started holding his bottle one-handed. He also decided to show us two that he can stand! Can you believe that? We are only 8 months old, we should be trying to crawl not stand. But...we all know Jordan. He hates tummy time and hates being on his hands and knees so standing just is one step closer to walking first.

Jack tells us he has no urge to compete with us two on bottle holding and crawling or walking. He says he knows he'll be doing those things and why push it along? He did however show mommy he can hold his bottle but just chooses not to. Why waste the energy? Instead he puts all of his talents into eating. He definitely takes after mommy's side because boy do they like their food. He's the human garbage disposal of the group. He eats and eats and eats his jarred food until its gone or mommy finally stops feeding him. He never seems to give up! He also LOVES to try foods that need to be gnawed or chewed on. He loves his puffs and he loves the chunkier dinners mommy & daddy give him. He also LOVES his sippy cup...especially when mommy puts cold water in it. YUM! Here's a picture of him mommy gave us for the blog. Its him eating at his high chair for the first time last week.

Here are a few other pictures of us from the week. Mommy again was snapping like crazy so she doesn't miss a minute of the action. Everyone enjoy their 4th of July! We three can't wait to celebrate on Saturday...oh and Jack says "AND EAT A LOT!"

Jordan standing for the 1st time

All three holding their own bottles

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  1. I can't believe the change in just one week.
    You are all being so helpful holding your bottles for mommy and daddy. Pretty soon you won't need anyones help.
    lots of love,
    Memere & Pepere