Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're soo Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy!

We have had another fun-filled summer week. We ended last weekend by going to our first State Fair. It was so much fun because we got to eat cheese curds and ride on the merry go round for the first time! Of course, Jack wasn't allowed to try the cheese curds because of his milk allergy, so instead daddy shared some of his lemonade with him. The merry go round was really big and we had no idea what we were supposed to do on it! It had all of these colorful horses and benches and it played music like some of our toys. We really were excited and kinda nervous when we got on the ride, but once we got used to it we thought it was a fun time. Oh, well all of us but Addison thought it was fun. She thought it was terrifying and cried and clung onto mommy the entire ride. Luckily Uncle Mark got some pictures for everyone to see us. After eating, riding the merry go round and seeing the animals it was time for us to leave. Well, actually all three of us fell asleep because we were so exhausted and THEN we decided to leave.

We also had G'ma Jean over to celebrate her birthday. We got to give her some presents (and help her rip open the gift bag) and got a few tastes of the card before mommy took it away. We also got to see her cake and sing to her, but daddy said "no cake until your birthday!"!

On Saturday afternoon we got to go to Eli's baseball tournament. It was to determine if his team was going to go to State. We got to try out our new double umbrella stroller at the game and got to sit right behind Eli to cheer him on. They ended up winning by 1 run and now they are going to State!! We are so proud of our big cousin. Hopefully someday we can be like him.
Today we went to Auntie Dawn's and Uncle Mark's house to eat ribs. Well, we thought we were going to eat ribs but we didn't even get to sit at the table. Instead we sat in the living room with our toys and watching everyone else eat their meal. Luckily, after lunch we went outside to play and we were sooo excited to find a new pool for us to play in!! All three of us are getting to really like pools. Jordan loves to stick his face in and try to drink the water. He gets really wet and his hat is always drenched by the time we are done. Jack just loves to splash and play with his toys and Addison loves to sunbathe. We told her she needs to splash and kick and play like us boys but she isn't really good at wanting to play with us. We loved having our new pool to play in and we can't wait to use it again. Hopefully this week if it stays nice outside!

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