Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enough Paparazzi...Please!

We aren't sure what all the commotion is about but whenever we go anywhere we seem to attract ALOT of attention. It used to just be when we'd go to Target with mommy. A bunch of people would stop us and look at us and ask mommy "are they triplets?"...but now we've noticed everywhere we go we get all of the attention. At the pool yesterday everyone wanted to talk to us and at church all of our family friends want to see us.

But the oddest part has been the picture taking. Mommy in particular has been snapping pictures of us all day long. She even sneaks and gets pictures without us noticing! We've decided because we seem to be so popular mommy must be selling our photos to the tabloids for extra money. What else would she be doing with all of those pictures? It used to be we had to make sure our faces were clean and we were in nice clothes to leave the house, but now with mommy working on "the inside" we have to make sure we look and act good ALL DAY LONG!

So...with that being said, here are a bunch of pictures mommy took of us in the past few weeks. She says she "doesn't sell them!" but we find that hard to believe. We know there is a demand.





  1. Hmmm, now that you mention it I did see the Tabloids while in the grocery store last night and though Hmmm I know those 3..the headlines read "3 peas in a pod? Then why are they spitting their peas out?" With pics of the 3 of you from when mommy made your peas. She must be working for them. LOL! Love you guys!

  2. Love the photos Jamie! My favorite is the focus on Addison's feet and her out of focus in the background. Nice touch! The close up of Jack with his tongue sticking out is hilarious!! Jordan has such an adorable smile!!

  3. Who needs to go to a studio when you have a mom as a photographer. Love all the pics.
    you capture them in such a natural state.

  4. Oh My!! I love these pictures! They are so beautiful - what blessings from above!