Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mommy's Cooking

Today mommy had us try her first batch of homemade baby food. Boy was that an adventure! Over the weekend we saw all the veggies and fruit she bought for our food and then on Sunday night we heard this super loud noise right as we were going to bed. It scared Addison, but Jordan assured her it wasn't a monster, instead he was pretty sure it was mommy "cooking" up our meal. We found out from Jack though that it was a blender. I guess she uses it to mix up our meals for us.
So today we finally got to try her food. She had us try peas. First, for the records let us say none of us LOVE peas anyways so that didn't help out the situation. Here are a few pictures mommy captured of us and our first encounters with the new food. We would prefer to leave each of our opinions on the food to ourselves because no one wants to hurt mommy's feelings...but you be the judge!

Jack would like to make one comment about the experience. He would like to ask mommy to let Gerber keep feeding us and let her focus on playing with us during the day. (So pretty much "don't quit your day job" but Jack told Addie NOT to type that).


  1. LOL...I've always wanted to try making my own, and thought about picking up a mini food processor for when the baby is born..hmmm maybe I'll rethink that!

  2. Three peas in a pod - you really should like peas!!
    Good job Jamie