Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yay! We are 9 months old today. We are getting so big and can do so many new things. Pretty soon I think we're going to crawl so watch out mommy & daddy...cuz here we come!

Here are a few things we can ALL do now:
Roll each direction
Sit up
Say "Dada"
Drink from sippy cup
Drink water from regular cup
Feed myself finger foods
Can pick up tiny foods with pincher grab
Stand supported against furniture

Here are a few things SOME of us can do now:
Gets into crawling position- Jack & Addison
Rocks back and forth on all fours- Addison
Gets into sitting position from tummy- Addison
Says "Baba" when hungry- Jack
Signs "All done"-Addison
Pulls themselves up from sitting- Jordan & Jack
Stands unsupported (about 2 seconds)- Jordan
Takes steps if someone supports him- Jordan


Height Weight
Jack: 27.17" 17lb 7 oz
Jordan: 27.56" 18lb 5oz
Addison: 26.77" 18lb 15oz

For weights Jack was 10th percentile, Jordan was 20th percentile and Addison was 5oth percentile. For height Jack was 20th percentile, Jordan was 25th percentile and Addison was 25th percentile.


  1. Jordan taking the lead on the percentiles, huh? Did you have your appt today or yesterday? We have Jax's 9 mos in about 3 hours :) I know he will be more like Jack (how fitting!), probably even lighter though. I don't know, this kid doesn't eat much and with having his father's metabolism, the calories don't stick to him!

    Addison's blonde hair is really coming in! Adorable greeen dress!

  2. I love Addison's dress!! They are all so cute, and can do a lot of stuff! That is awesome!!!