Sunday, July 5, 2009


Boy did we have a fun-filled weekend! We had no idea what to expect for the 4th of July. We didn't get why mommy and daddy didn't do anything special for the 4th of May or the 4th of June? Anyways- all week they had been telling us that we were getting to go to a festival at a park to celebrate. When we woke up Saturday morning mommy & daddy told us "Happy 4th of July!" and had matching shirts for us to wear with flags on them. After our usual playtime, nap and then bottle we headed to the park to meet up with the Traaseths, Tjeltas and Grandma & Grandpa. When we got to the park we couldn't believe how many people were there! Daddy had to park so far away. Luckily we had our strollers with us to make the long walk.
At the festival we watched our cousins do the Cake Walk. None of them won us a cake though. Too bad because we were pretty sure daddy would've snuck us a bite of it if they would've won. Well, maybe 2/3s of us (Jack is allergic to milk so he probably wouldn't have gotten to try it!). After the cake walk we enjoyed time under the shade on our blankets with some toys. We also got to eat our peas outside, too. That was sure not how we usually eat our veggies.

After the festival we headed for dinner at a restaurant nearby. There were 20 of us all eating together at one table! Boy was that the longest table we'd ever seen. But guess what?! We all three got to sit in big kid high chairs and eat big kid finger foods. We ate bread and puffs and played with our toys. Addison seemed to have the most fun throwing her toys and food off of the table and watching mommy & daddy go get it. Jack was much more well behaved. He just ate and ate and ATE anything that was put in front of him. Meanwhile, Jordan got to go hang out with the really "big kids" at the far end of the table. After dinner, we headed home and to bed but we all overheard the rest of the table talking about going to watch "fireworks" whatever those were. We were so tired after a long, fun day outside we all passed out right when we got home. Although, Jack told us he swears he woke up because someone was bombing our house. We told him he was just having a bad dream.
Today we finished off our weekend by driving to our friend's (The Brunkow's) lake house. We spent the entire afternoon sitting by the lake on our blanket playing with a bunch of new toys mommy brought us and watching daddy jump off of the rope swing. We had such a fun time because we even got to taste beef jerky that Uncle Mark and daddy was eating. Mr Brunkow had made it and boy did we think it was good. Okay so Addison says that we can't say "we" because she didn't want to try it. Not to worry though, she was eating and eating all of the puffs and cheese crunchies mommy brought for all of us. I guess we've learned not to leave Addison alone with our snacks. She doesn't really like to share.

Here are more pictures from this weekend...Enjoy!


  1. Awwe, looks like you all had a VERY fun 4th of July! You sure are getting big. Love you and can't wait to see you all in a few weeks. Your cousin's Collin, Kylie, and Aiden are very excited about seeing how you grew since last time we saw you!

  2. Oh what I wouldn't give for a hammock by the pond! That looks so beautiful! This was such a gorgeous WI July weekend. For many years now, it has rained over this weekend, so we were lucky this year to have clear wamr skies!!

    Looks like the children loved the outdoors!! Isn't it fun now that they are beginning to feed themselves? I see in your photo little crunchies! Jax just eats them right up!!

    Always love seeing the family!!

  3. Love the family photo! Such a beautiful family!

    ~HeatherD (from the message board!)