Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Soooo Big!"



This week we are all trying to show off all of our new skills. All of us can now stand up against the furniture and we are all trying to move around the floor on our tummies. Jordan is even starting to do things on his stomach! (which we all know is a very big "no, no!" for him) Jordan is also practicing standing with "no hands" as long as mommy or daddy will be there ready to catch him. Addison is really, really wanting to's a video mommy got of her this week:

Jack has decided that simply saying "baba" when he's hungry and saying "dada" is just so boring so he has decided whistling is much more exciting. I know, I know you are all thinking "what? there is no way he can whistle!" (believe Addie and me...we couldn't believe it either). Mommy tried all day today to catch him with his new hidden talent but it was really hard. Listen closely and you can hear him whistle towards the end of the video.

Jordan not only loves to practice standing, he also found out he LOVES to lick (the rest of us don't get this?) anything and everything near him. Including us, mommy & daddy and ESPECIALLY...the glass slider.

We all also started eating teething biscuits for the first time this week. It sure is fun gumming them to death. Mommy always asks us if "that feels good on your gums because you're getting a toothy!" But we know that there aren't really teeth coming, but who wants to disappoint mommy again this week and they are kinda yummy!

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