Monday, June 29, 2009

June just flew by!

We can't believe June is coming to an end! Between pool days, baseball games (our cousins all play), moving and visits from Memere & Pepere our summer is going by so fast. We have really been making improvements on our schedules for mommy. We all have been trying to sleep for her during the day without giving her a lot of grief. Jordan (who used to be the BEST at this) seems to be having some difficulties wanting to fall asleep though. We told him to just suck on his binky like we do and close your eyes, but he's not really into binkies. Jack told him to snuggle up with his blankie and lay on his side and that might help. Jordan HATES laying on his side though. Mommy says he's probably "teething" but she's been telling us all we've been teething for the past 5 months and no teeth yet! We think this "teething" thing is just an urban legend.

Mommy has also been giving us more meals of veggies and fruits...yummy! (Well all of us but Jordan thinks its yummy at least). Addison's favorite is usually fruits. She especially loves anything with blueberries in it. Jack loves it all but really goes wild when he gets sweet potatoes. Jordan told me if he HAD to choose something that isn't a baba he'd choose bananas. Jordan really just would prefer a baba all the time. We think its because he's always showing off his muscles and he's one of those body builder type guys who only drinks protein babas or something.

Well, since its the end of the month we asked mommy to go through all of our pictures she took of us (she's kinda like the paparazzi she takes TONS of pictures of us all the time) and show you some that didn't make earlier posts. So here are a few more June pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Daddy and Jack on our new deck

Jordan and Addison

Addison sleeping...notice the feet up?!

Muscle boy before his workout

Jordan and Pepere

I love Jack's face looking at his brother!

Mommy & the Riplets on a walk

Daddy and his kids on the same walk

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