Monday, August 31, 2009

Watch out World...HERE WE COME!

We've made some really great improvements this week on crawling and just getting around in general. Both Jack and Jordan are now crawling forward on a regular basis. Jack still likes to get lazy and crawl on his tummy when he's tired. I am also crawling everywhere AND I'm now pulling myself to standing on almost any furniture and toys I can get my hands on. Mommy & Daddy keep telling me "Addison! Be careful you are going to fall!" but I just think they are being over-protective. I have bumped my head on things at least 10 times a day though. So maybe they know more about this then I do? Here's a video of me standing and my brothers are playing nearby:

Also, mommy got a video of Jordan crawling. He looks so funny kinda like a lizard or something because he crawls so fast!

Mommy also had a garage sale this weekend here's a few pictures of us at the sale and from this week. We had a lot of fun at the sale, but we were kinda mad mommy was selling all of our stuff!

Jordan & Daddy aka: mini me

Grandpa Dave's Retirement Party!

Isaiah's Kool Aid Stand

Us trying out the merchandise at the Garage Sale

Auntie Dawn & Addison

On a side-note:
We will be having our first ever GIVE-AWAY this weekend. Please check back on Weds or Thursday for more details.


  1. YAY Jordan!! LOL I love the little body wiggle as he gets back up to all fours! LOL Everyone's on the move now... oh boy!!

    You're so funny - did you take the video holding the camera vertical?? Because that's EXACTLY what I did yesterday when filming Jax. When it was done I watched it and was like, "Oh lordy". I was taking vertical photos, so it never even crossed my mind! :P

  2. yep!! both I must've taken vertically and now I can't put them horizontal!! ugh
    Never even thought about it at the time...grrr.