Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Proofing Time

So this morning daddy told mommy that after this week she needs to "ALWAYS KEEP THE GATE CLOSED" because of Addison. (hahaha) He told her that I get around way too easily and that all I do now is get into trouble. I guess he's referring to all of the crawling I've been doing this week. I am also trying to figure out how to pull myself up to standing. I know once I master that, the entire house will be my playground! My favorite things to crawl to include the fireplace (I LOVE to see myself in the reflection and try to stand up), the air vents (especially when the A/C is on because my hair blows in the wind) and the coffee table. Mommy always asks me why I don't want to crawl to my toys? Well, I do love my toys but to be honest the other stuff is WAY more exciting to play with. Anyways, just to show her I do love my toys, this morning when she went to put Jack down for a nap I was in the living room and decided to go into the playroom and play. Daddy came up stairs and saw Jordan in the living room and said to mommy, "oh I didn't know you put Addison down for a nap already too" Mommy quickly yelled back that she never put Addison down. Meanwhile, I was hiding (ok playing) in the other room...hehehe. Daddy finally found me and that's when mommy got the lecture about always having the gate closed. Here's a picture of me playing with the vent:

Besides me and all of my mobility, Jordan is really making some efforts and improvements in the crawling department. He has crawled backwards a few times but never when mommy or daddy are looking. He is also pulling himself up to his knees to play with toys and furniture AND he also is getting from his pack to sitting all the time now. He's been working so hard and trying to crawl and be mobile that he fell asleep in the playroom today!

Jack's tooth is getting bigger and he's so excited to eat real food now. Mommy still tells him he needs another tooth so he can chew though. Besides his tooth he is also getting around the house very easily. He isn't really crawling on all fours but me IS doing the army crawl really well. Infact- he's got rug burns on his elbows from all of the crawling he's been doing!

Here are a few pictures of the events this weeks events.


  1. I love that photo of Jordan crashed in the playroom! man, I don't think my kids has slowed EVER enough to just fall asleep like that! Knee burns here too!! Those went away after about 3 weeks of toughening up that skin!

    How has everything been?

  2. Such an exciting time and sooooo much action!!!!!
    My favorite picture is Jordan sleeping among all the toys.
    Keep on trucking!!!!

    Lots of love,

    Memere & Pepere