Friday, August 14, 2009

A Big Kid Bath!!

This week was really a busy week for us all. I know Addison told you she crawled on Monday and that I am starting to get a tooth. Well, I decided that its pretty nice how she can get around and get her toys and stuff on her own. Both Jordan and I asked her to help us out and bring us stuff but Addison told us "Get your own stuff!" So, I've been working really hard all week to figure out how to crawl. Mommy says I am "army crawling" because I can move but I'm not really on all fours. Here's a video of me from Wednesday:

Also this week we took our very first bath like big kids! We had so much fun splashing that mommy & daddy got all wet. They should've just gotten in the tub, too. We played with our bath toys while mommy washed hair and daddy washed our bodies. They said that was to save time but we were having a lot of fun in the tub so we didn't mind if it took longer. Addison peed on the floor the second daddy took her out of the tub. Daddy was upset because he said he had "just cleaned you!" So, now Jordan and I know enough not to pee the second we get out of the tub. Maybe instead of peeing on ourselves and getting dirty again we'll just aim at daddy?

Jordan would also like everyone to know that he is really trying hard to be like the rest of us and get on his hands and knees. He doesn't get why we aren't just trying to walk but he is at least "pretending" to look interested in crawling by laying on his tummy and then popping onto all fours. He also made himself get into sitting position from his crawling position. Boy, was he exciting when that happened!

On a side note we forgot to mention that while on vacation Jordan said, "mama!" twice and mommy immediately said that Jordan was her FAVORITE!? How could that be? She's not supposed to have favorites. Anyways- since then both Addison and I have said "mama" but we both only did it that one time and no one says it regularly. We figured we don't really need to call for her because she's always with us. Now she at least knows we know who she is, right?

Finally, I want everyone to know that my front top tooth is just today starting to push through. Mommy put her finger in my mouth this morning and said "ouch!" hehehe. I think having a tooth is going to be so much fun!

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