Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So Jordan told you last time that I wasn't quite crawling yet. Well, I seem to have a slight temper and boy was I annoyed when I heard that he didn't think those few knees and arms were crawling!! Like he even tries to crawl? Anyways- on Monday I finally showed everyone that I INDEED know how to crawl and I even will crawl sideways and backwards to prove my point. Check out this video mommy got of me yesterday. Oh...and on a sidenote Jack wants everyone to know that he's starting to get his 1st tooth. Its his top right one. He's thrilled because he's gonna look like Larry Boy from Veggie Tales. I looked at it and its probably not even a tooth but mommy & daddy said its the closest thing to a tooth any of us have had. Hopefully it will pop through in the next few days. Does anyone know what I can do to beat him to it though? Ya know...tips on how to get teeth faster?

Who guessed Addison was to crawl first?!


  1. That totally counts as a crawl!! Yeah Addie!! That's how is all starts! She will get more coordinated with each DAY! - no lie! Than the boys will see her crusing and think "Ok - let's go GET HER!" LOL

    She was the smallest one and had to stay longer in the hospital - but she had something to prove to those boys!!

  2. Yay, Addison!!!!! You are showing those boys who is going to be boss when you get older, aren't you!

  3. HORRAY ADDIE!!!!! Your big cousins Kylie and Collin keep making me show them you crawling over and over again and say they are so proud of you! Keep up the good work honey!

  4. Clap clap clap!!!!!
    Memere and Pepere are so proud of you.
    Jack good luck on that tooth, and Jordan I think you'll be walking soon.