Monday, August 17, 2009

We have a break through...finally!

Yes, after months of anticipation one of us finally has a tooth. Mommy has been telling everyone since we were 10 weeks old that we were teething but really, we're just crabby A LOT.

Jack woke up in the night really upset and cried for almost an hour straight. Mommy & Daddy wondered about some yogurt he had tried the night before because we're pretty sure he still has as milk protien allergy. Well, after daddy left for work mommy realized that Jack had a tooth! Funny thing is mommy thought it was a top tooth but Jack surprised us all with it popping through on the bottom first.

Jack asked if he could order a burger now next time we go out to eat. He said he was told by many family members that he can't have a burger until he gets teeth.

For those of you questioning if this tiny nub counts as a tooth, we've already put out a survey to other mommies and they all said if you can feel it, IT COUNTS!!


  1. congratulations Jack on your new tooth.
    That is most certainly a tooth if I ever saw one. Kisses and hugs from memere and pepere.

  2. You bet it counts!! The breaking through is the worst part for them! Jax is on his third and forth (at the same time here). The haven't been coming in the order I would have excepted.

    Yeah Jack!! Make the grown ups hold up to their end of the bargin, Man!! The burger is well deserved!