Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our First Weekend Away

We're a little behind in posting due to some Internet connection issues...BUT we certainly have a lot to catch everyone up on!

Last weekend was grandma and grandpa's 40th Wedding Anniversary celebration weekend. We were really excited because for the past few months mommy and daddy have been telling us we were going to go to our first Red Sox game. We couldn't wait to see Youk, Big Papi, Ellsbury (mommy says he's her favorite), and little Dusty (that's what Daddy calls him but we think his real name is Dustin Pedroia). We also found out that we were going to get to stay in a hotel for the first time EVER!!! So mommy & daddy told us that it was a secret and a BIG SURPRISE for grandma and grandpa and that we were not allowed to spill the beans until the week we were going. So when the day came to tell them, we all had been practicing our words so we could be the ones to give them the fun news. Unfortunately between the three of us all we could get out was "dadadadada....babababa...aaahhhhheeeeaaaahhhh". Luckily the rest of our family was able to interpret for us.

We left for the big weekend on Sunday morning. It took mommy and daddy all night the day before and all morning to get our things packed and organized. We even had to ask grandma if we could put some of our stuff in her car, too! We overheard mommy tell daddy that "this is why we don't travel much now" We just thought it was so much fun that all of our toys and everything we love was coming along for the weekend. After getting all three of the cars packed and everyone on the road we all fell asleep. We're pretty sure mommy planned it that way. We woke up though once when we had to stop at a wayside for Eli to get out and get some fresh air. He was feeling pretty car sick most of the way and even ended up puking out the side window while his dad was driving!!! YUCK...of course we were behind his car following them. Luckily nothing hit us or our windows. We got a good laugh though because Eli looked like a doggy hanging out of the window getting sick.

Once we made it to Minneapolis we tried to go to the Como Park Zoo but the crowds were so heavy we couldn't find a place to park. So, our first Zoo visit will just have to wait. We ended up going and checking into our hotel instead and trying out the cribs they had reserved for us. It was kinda fun to sleep away from home...Jack especially liked nap time because his crib had metal poles. He spent his time before naps making fun noises with his hand brushing the sides of the crib. Daddy said it looked like he was in jail. Especially the way he'd grab the bars and pull on them while he was laying down. Mommy wouldn't let Jordan sleep in one of the hotel's cribs because he loves to bang his head against the corners of his crib at home. Instead- we brought our pack and play along for him. He seemed to enjoy the new sleeping arrangements though anyways.

Jack at nap time

Isaiah in our hotel room & Jordan playing

That night we got ready for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Mommy was mad at Jordan though because right before we were about to leave he puked down the front of his THIRD outfit of the day. She told him he'd "just have to wear a gross, stinky outfit" because that's the only one she had left for the day for him. Luckily he didn't sit too close to the rest of us at dinner. hahaha

Addie & Auntie B

The Boys pretending to play the piano

Monday morning we got up and headed to the hotel pool! It was our first time to wear swim diapers, swim suits and to go in a pool. We were really excited because daddy told us he'd take each of us in one at a time. Little did we know that daddy was planning to try to drown us! We got in the pool (which looked like a HUGE bathtub) and daddy dunked us under the water! Jordan didn't seem to mind it but boy were the rest of us not very happy after that.

After pool time we headed to the Metrodome to see the game. We had some really great seats and luckily mommy talked the security guard into letting us leave our stroller at the top of our section. We were really well behaved and each of us actually took our afternoon naps on peoples laps. It wasn't until about the 6th inning that we got kinda crabby. We can't wait to go to another Sox game again sometime soon. Maybe when we go to Massachusetts this summer? Daddy says that he wishes we could, but he's pretty sure we pushed our luck already this season. hahaha


  1. Looks like the 'riplets' had a great time! I can't even imagine what it takes to pack for them to go away. Let me know if you do a sox game when you come. I'd love to get in on that. Collin has been wanting to go to one ever since Matt and I went. Tell the kids I'll show them how to sing 'Sweet Caroline', do the wave and let them have a Fenway frank if we get out to a game. LOL! Love you all!

  2. Rannil! I started reading this and thought you had made a trip back to Boston and didn't tell me!
    I miss you terribly...when are you going to come for a visit already?
    Love and miss you!!