Saturday, May 2, 2009

Memere & Pepere are here!

After months of skyping, Memere and Pepere have come to visit us from Massachusetts. We are so excited to have them, especially after mommy and daddy have seemed extra tired all week. We aren't sure why they called in the emergency "back up" but we think Jack might be the culprit. After our shots on Tuesday, Jack has been extra fussy and really wanting mommy's time to cuddle. Of course Jordan (anti-cuddler) found it silly that Jack was wanting that time on mommy's lap all of Wednesday until he woke up Thursday morning with a very runny nose and a bad cough. Besides the cuddling, Jack (and let's be truthful...ALL of us) has been having issues with sleeping at night. Mommy told daddy she's "hoping" this is all because of the shots but we were talking and we realized its kinda fun to wake up and have mommy and/or daddy feed and cuddle with us one-on-one each night! Although, the other night, mommy threatened Jack at 3:50am telling him he needed to either "eat this bottle and go back to sleep or mommy will just put you back in bed right now!" So...maybe we better start thinking about sleep at night again.

Jordan & Memere

Which brings us back to Memere and Pepere's visit. They showed up yesterday afternoon to give us big hugs and kisses and bring us a bunch of new outfits and shoes! We were all really excited to see them and also VERY surprised to see how big they are when they leave the computer from skyping. Today, we all spent the morning outside on the deck soaking up the sun. Jordan enjoyed using his playmat under the umbrella while Addison used the walker. Jack came out after his nap and spent his
entire time in the "adult conversation" at the table. He just wanted to wear his Sox cap and his sun glasses.

This afternoon, mommy and daddy left for a much deserved "night out" without the Riplets. Of course we weren't sad when they left though, because we had SOO much attention from Memere and Pepere! Mommy and daddy went out for a break and to celebrate both of their birthdays that are coming these next few weeks. They went for dinner to Manny's and then to get a full nights sleep at the Holiday Inn. (We all didn't get why they needed sleep? hahaha)

Mommy & Daddy

Mommy getting ready...
Daddy at Manny's

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  1. so nice to go out huh?? I bet you really enjoyed your night out, even though main topic of conversation is always the babies :)
    Just to let you know, all the space at the end of the post can be deleted by backspacing it all from the bottom of the post up to the text *when you create or edit). Without fail, that happens everytime you add photos to your post! So irritating! I bet the kids really enjoyed seeing their family!! Happy early mother's day!!