Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Little Baby Kayleigh

The Riplets past week was filled with one party after another. First, mommy's birthday was on Wednesday and we helped her celebrate by getting up at 6am instead of 5am!! We thought we'd give her a break. Luckily- daddy got up with us that morning so mommy could get a little more sleep. For her birthday party we met grandma, grandpa, "Ba", and Auntie Dawn for lunch at Sammy's Pizza. The pizza looked VERY yummy, but mommy and daddy told us we can't have any until we get teeth, ugh! Teeth?! Why does everything happen after we get teeth?! and why don't these silly teeth show up already? For mommy's present we asked daddy to get her something for "just her" so he got her a giftcard to Retreat Spalon. It seems like a really nice place for her to go for a massage or pedicure or facial. Daddy says that the gift is for a day "away" from us. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday!!!! We are excited to give him his gifts. We'd tell you what it is but you'll have to wait until tomorrow. Mommy says its a "secret" and not to tell him. Lucky for her we can't really talk much yet...unless its a "dadadadada" or "buhbuhbuh".

Sunday was mommy's first Mother's Day. We took mommy and grandma to Tokyo Restaurant for some Japanese Habachi cooking. Addison thought she was a comedian and tried to show us how the chef would come and chop things and cook for us. She almost got caught mocking him but luckily daddy moved her off the table just in time. We wondered if she would've gotten kicked out if she was caught. Anyways- mommy's gift was the best part of the day!! We went with Daddy and got her a new Canon EOS Rebel XS camera. It is a very, very nice one and we are excited for her to start taking more pictures of us with it. Daddy said it will be a very nice investment for the Riplet Blog and for all of our memories.

On a final note, I wanted to mention that little baby Kayleigh (who's blog I've been following) passed away on Monday. If you haven't read her story or followed her blog, please take a minute to now. Her story really touched me and strengthened my faith in God. Her parents are amazing and really need your prayers now. They've asked that each night as you put your own kids to sleep to please say a prayer for them and really cherish your time with your own (hopefully) healthy kids. Scott and I really are so thankful we were blessed with such healthy triplets. There are so many singletons and multiples born each year with health issues. We really take for granted how lucky we were to have our three come home within weeks of being born and all without any major medical issues. So, if you have a minute click on Kayleigh's Story on my side bar under "my blog list".


  1. I know, I am very heart broken over Kayleigh's story. I have been following her for a very long time. I know she had accomplished God's Will and so He called her home, as hard as it is to understand. Her story will continue to touch people's lives (as is has ours) - especially after her special on The Doctors tomorrow...

    Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy that spa gift certificate! I am going on Saturday for mine!! :) Your babies are getting SO big! I love the photo of you with them at the top of the post!!

  2. Yeah for a good birthday and a great Mothers Day. Sounds like the babies helped daddy make it very special for you..You deserve it. BTW what is in the air in WI? Those babies are getting so big, to fast! We miss you all. Kylie still talks about holding baby jack and how sweet he was.
    I've been following Kayleigh for a while to. It broke my heart to read her parents post. I can't even imagine. Their faith is amazing though. God Bless the lords newest Angel Kayleigh!