Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jonah's Confirmation & Ouchies!

Sunday was my nephew's (& Godson) confirmation at Bethesda Lutheran Church where we all attend regularly. Jonah had been spending his Wednesday nights at his confirmation classes this past year and he had regular memory work and verses he that he would recite. At the confirmation service, he was asked to recite his Life Verse and give a brief reason on why he chose that particular verse as his. Of course, "Mr Calm, cool, & collective" had no issues speaking in front of the large crowd that morning. We are pretty sure he'll be searching for a public speaking position as a career. Anyways...during the service we got a call from Memere saying that Jack had gotten burned on the crock pot while she was prepping for the confirmation party. What a scary situation for them and for us! This was our first accident as parents so of course there were tears (oh from us AND Jack of course!!! hahaha) but luckily the burn wasn't too severe and our doctor told us to use Neosporin and bandage it up and just keep a close eye on it so it doesn't get infected.
Auntie B & Jack & his bandage
The rest of the day seems like a blur between Jack being out of it from his ouchie AND being on Tylenol. Not to mention the constant flow of people wanting to hold, talk to and see "The Triplets!!" We were very thankful that we had Memere and Pepere around for the day as extra hands because its tough keeping track of all three kids at once with so many sticky fingered adults!
Towards the end of the day, we asked Jonah to get a picture with the other "Special Guests" of the party (aka: The Riplets). Jonah was and is always willing to do anything for his newest cousins so he took all three on his lap for the photo shoot. Addison though, seemed really sad and started crying as soon as we started taking the picture. We all made our best funny faces to make her happy again, but she only got worse. After a handful of sad shots we decided that was as good as its going to get, so we took each baby off of Jonah's lap. Only to realize that Jonah's boutonniere had been poking her in the back of the head the entire time!! No wonder she was so upset. Which leads to the final "ouchie" of the weekend, when mommy started cutting Jordan nails and accidentally snipped part of his skin. All three of the Riplets have now officially had their first ouchies...and I'm pretty sure there will be MANY more to come...
Jonah, the Riplets...and the push pin!
Bonnie & Clyde
Looks like Clyde's a little loose lipped!

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