Sunday, May 17, 2009

Riplets VS Our New Camera

We've had such a fun week trying to figure out mommy's fancy camera. Actually- mommy won't let us touch it yet, but she and daddy sure have had fun trying to figure out how it works. Here's some pictures of us from the week...ENJOY!



Daddy & Addie

I LOVE this of the boys...Jordan's face is precious!

Addie's fat little feet

Jordan in his favorite toy...the Jumperoo

G'pa & Addie

The Boys...discussing the Celtics/Magic series

Mommy & Addison

Jack...saying "WHAAAAAT??!!!!! No BABA???!"

Jordan...Deep in Thoughts




  1. OMG I can't get over how big they are getting. They are growing up way to fast! Wow Jordan is really starting to look like Scott! I love love the last pic of Addie, she looks angelic, and the pic of Jack fussing cracks me up. I might have been making that face when the Bruins lost the other night! Love and miss you all! Can't wait too see you this summer and let the kids play!

  2. I think Mommy's done a great job figuring out that camera. She does catch us at some of our bad times though. But when were good were good. Great job Jamie!!!