Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its Pool Time!

After weeks of anticipation, mommy and Auntie Dawn FINALLY took us to the pool they always speak of. We had heard about "the pool" since we moved to Wisconsin but we really didn't get what it was. Mommy told us it was like a really big bath tub. So after going in the pool at the hotel a few weekends ago we didn't think it could get any bigger then that. Boy, were we wrong!! This pool is GINORMOUS (as Elf would say) and its outside, too. So of course before we got to go the first day mommy spent more time lathering us each up with icky sun screen then the time we spent in the pool. But- at least we didn't get sunburn she told us. Whatever that means. We think its when you get all red like Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales because Isaiah got "sunburned" while we were there that first day and he looked like Bob.




To get to the pool mommy needed some back up help because Auntie Dawn already had her boys in her truck. So luckily Manny (aka: Isaiah) volunteered to ride with us there and help us unload the supplies. The second trip to the pool the Tjeltas met us there as we arrived so they helped us then, too. So far we haven't had any MAJOR issues, which mommy says is a good thing because she may be crazy enough to keep taking us back again! All three of us (once mommy got the sun canopy up and our toys, strollers, equipment all set up) really enjoyed the people and the water and all the attention. Jordan and Addison got to go into the water very first with mommy and Auntie Dawn while Vicki stayed behind with Jack because he fell asleep right when we got there!! (We tried to tell him to nap before we left, but of course he didn't listen to us wiser siblings) Once Jack woke up though, mommy took him to sit in the shallow part by himself while we took naps.

Jordan ready to swim, Jack napping in the tent

Jordan lounging with his baba

Addie excited to play with Vicki

Jack lounging with Mommy

So anyways, we all decided the pool is a great place to go on the hot summer days! We can't wait to get back there and kick our feet in the water again...especially at our siblings. What we've learned so far is to nap BEFORE you go or you miss out on things, wear sunscreen or you'll look like Bob the Tomato, and make sure mommy packs extra swim diapers because we learned the hard way they don't hold much!

On a side note, Auntie Britt has told us that she thinks mommy favors Jack because he always has more pictures then the rest of us. Well, Jordan and I have discussed this and we think its because Jack is a "momma's boy" and always hangs on her so he's closest to the camera. Either way though, mommy said Auntie Britt will really pick on her this time... so here you go!!!

Mommy, Jordan, Dawn, Addison


Addie in the sun tent

Mommy & Jack

and us again...


  1. Awwwwwe looks like they had a ball. I can't believe how big the have gotten. They have grown so much. Tell them to cut if out already. Geesh! Miss and LOVE you all! Can't wait to see you next month.

  2. I love LOVE the 7 month old photo!! They are all smiling so proud! Great background choice too - love it!

    I can NOT get enough of the hats! That is MY obession with Jackson, (in this sun, you need them), but they are just so adorable! Looks like the kids had a great time at the pool. We got the first chance to get Jax in the neighbors pool and he really enjoyed it too (good - if it were momma's choice, we would be in there all summer long LOL). Love all the photos!!

    Paul is 3 weeks into P90X. He consistently asks, (once I've gotten Jackson to sleep and finally get the chance to sit down) "Hey - you wanna do it with me?"... umm, NO sorry :) maybe someday I will. Good for you for doing it before the kids! That is HARD work!