Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Riplets Restful Week...NOT!

Well, the past week has been full of excitement for the Riplets. We celebrated Daddy's birthday twice-once on Saturday and then again on his b-day. We gave Daddy two polo shirts to wear golfing because Daddy REALLY wants to golf this summer. We cannot wait until he takes us in the golf cart each time he plays! He doesn't think we can come along yet but Mommy told us she's sure its not going to be a problem.

On Thursday morning Jordan finally rolled over all on his own!!! Of course he didn't wait for mommy or daddy to see him do it. Instead, while mommy was giving someone else a bath he decided to roll over for Vicki. She said he did it so well she assumed he had been rolling on his own for the past week or so!! Of course Jordan has YET to show mommy or daddy his skills again. We're pretty sure he's going to wait and just walk one day. No crawling, rolling or even sitting up...just straight to walking and running. Lucky us, huh? At least he'll bring the rest of us toys a lot faster.

This weekend was Auntie Dawn's dance recitals. We (ok mostly Addison and Jack) were SOOO excited to go watch all of the dancers, but mommy made us stay at home with daddy and uncle James until after the shows. Mommy said we'd be too loud and distract everyone. None of us knew what that was supposed to mean?? We usually blend into the crowds so well. Now that Addison realized her auntie is a dance teacher she's been trying to show off her flexible moves
whenever she's around.

Jack also said his first real word this week!!! He's saying "BABA"...which none of us are surprised by. I mean- most will say "dadadadadadada" but not Jack. He's all about his food. Mommy and Daddy thought maybe it was him just babbling until he actually said "baba" when we showed him his bottle!

On a naughty note, Addison has realized that eating her cereal and fruit in the mornings is just so boring. So to liven up the "mommy & me" time she's decided to spit the food back at mommy. She's thinking its REALLY funny but mommy is not so excited about it. Especially yesterday when the fruit was blueberries and mommy had on a light colored shirt, ugh.

This weekend we also all decided that sleeping is for the weak, so we've been testing mommy and daddy and ALL of us getting up at least once (sometimes twice) a night. We know that they really want to hang out with us all at 1,2, and 3AM. We don't get why they are both so annoyed with us though. We were having fun at 4AM wanting to play with the toys (like old times) and watch Curious George. Well, after about 4-5 nights of fun mommy and daddy must've talked and decided an intervention was needed. SO...last night about 1AM we all were in shock when NO ONE came to our rescue when we cried! Can you believe it?? Addie started in first, then Jordan and finally Jack. After about an hour (we took turns crying...that's a LONG time for one of us to cry straight through), we all decided maybe sleeping wasn't all that bad. Besides-what fun is being up if you are just stuck staring at the ceiling in your crib?

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  1. hA! A little crying never hurt anyone! Except maybe mommy and daddy trying to fit the urge to just go their rooms :)

    It's it fun with all the milestones? Jax is all about "dadada" - what's with that? What about all the "mamama" that mom's been teaching him? I think that's right up there with waiting to show the new tricks (rolling over) for anyone else OTHER than mommy and daddy :) So glad everyone looks healthy! Bring on the summer! are you guys getting this amazing wednesday weather too?