Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where to begin...

We've been meaning to start a blog for all of our friends and family and for other MoMs (mothers of multiples) for the past 5 months, but for some odd reason we just haven't had the free time to write one. hahaha

So I guess instead of being like most of the really great bloggers out there and actually starting the week they were born, I'll just give a quick summary of the past 5 months and hopefully get some pictures on here to show the highlights.

Scott and I found out we were pregnant on St Patrick's Day 2008. I actually got up at 2am to go to the bathroom and decided to just "take the stupid pregnancy test now since I know its gonna be negative and get back to sleep". To my surprise, after almost 3 years of trying we were finally pregnant! I waited to tell Scott until I was at work that morning...hahaha. My initial plan was to buy a cute card and give him the test in a St Patty's Day basket. Once I got to work though, I realized I couldn't wait!

Anyways (what was supposed to be brief is obviously NOT happening) about two weeks later after the excitement of finally "expecting" was in full swing and I verified my pregnancy with beta tests, I began to experience morning sickness. Which for me, was ALL DAY LONG SICKNESS. ugh. My 3 beta test results were all off the charts and I was told from each nurse that I was "very pregnant" and could possibly be having multiples. In our minds, that meant twins. Not until our first ultra sound at 7 weeks along were we given the news we were going to be parents of triplets.

At the ultra sound, Scott and I waited for the tech to give us the news that we were having twins. At this point I was so sick I remember just laying there praying I wouldn't puke on her table during this exciting moment. Instead, within seconds of her getting my uterus on the screen she said, "ok- so here's baby A, baby B, and baby C". Just like that. Like she thought we had known all along we were having triplets. I remember just laying there in shock with tears in my eyes and looking at Scott who was bright red. I assumed he was having the same thoughts..."how in the world are we going to take care of triplets?!" I was scared and excited and of course pukey...hahaha. But to my surprise, as we left the ultra sound, all Scott said was "Wow! How exciting! I cannot believe we're having triplets!!"

For the next several weeks I spent my days puking throughout the day and having MAJOR food aversions. Garlic and coffee were my worst enemies. I was in bed by 5:30pm usually. Sometimes on a really good day I'd make it to 7pm. We would spend our time each evening in bed trying to really understand how different our lives were about to be.

Around 16 weeks along, I began to feel a little better and we spent the next months reading, preparing and asking everyone we knew for advice. In July, Pauline (Scott's mom) and Melissa (Jamie's friend) threw us a great baby shower. It was Three Peas in a Pod themed. We decided to have my shower around week 23 because we'd read to have them early because you never know when I would be put on bedrest. Well, I guess I'm just a great "triplet carrier" because I was NEVER put on bedrest at all!! I stopped working around week 29 and put myself on modified bedrest. At week 32 we went in for false labor and I was admitted with contractions for one night and then sent home.

Finally- on October 23, 2008 (week 34 day 5) baby A's water broke and we headed to the hospital. I remember walking into our bathroom just after midnight with water running down my legs and I ran into Scott in the bathroom brushing his teeth before bed. He looked at me in horror asking if this was "really it??" or did I just pee my pants again.

We arrived at UMASS Memorial in Worcester, MA around 1AM and they admitted me. Because I was so close to 35 weeks along, they tried to hold off doing my c-section as long as possible because if I could make it the extra two days my babies wouldn't need to go to the NICU. Luckily (for my sake) my labor progressed throughout the night and at 8:30am I had an internal exam and was 5 cm dialated so they got the OR prepped for my surgery.

At 9:13AM Baby A - Jack Andrew was born weighing 5lbs 4oz
9:14AM Baby B- Jordan Miles was born weighing 3lbs 15oz
9:14AM Baby C- Addison Delight was born weighing 5lbs 10oz

All three were very healthy and all were on room air. The only meds they received that first 24 hours were antibiotics via an IV. Addison stayed in the NICU for 5 days and then came home with us on October 28th. Her brothers both stayed at the NICU and then extended care as"feeders and growers" and left together on November 4th.


  1. The most beautiful miracle three times over.
    Reading this gave us the opportunity to relive that wonderful moment.
    Thank you for sharing, can't wait to hear and see more.
    Love always,
    Memere & Pepere

  2. hi this is not JAMIE so anyway this is Isaiah.The riplets are really fun to have living with us.Jordan is always happy.Addie loves to look in the mirror.Jack loves to be high in the air too.