Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He has Risen! Happy Easter

The Riplets first Easter seemed to go pretty smoothly. We woke up early (as usual) around 5:30am. When I say "we" I mean myself and one of the kids. Which one you ask? I'm not exactly sure...they all seem to blend at 5am. hahaha. But really, I find that each feeding and nap seem to blur together. I am very lucky we still keep a food journal so I know who ate when or I'd be starving one and over feeding another.

Anyways- after getting all three babies their bottles, tummy time, Easter baskets (& pics), rice cereal & fruit, their diaper bag ready, and FINALLY them dressed into their new outfits...we headed out for 9:30am church. We are usually really good about getting us all to church each week on time AND two of the three kids into the nursery before church starts. This morning was no different, even with the extra "holiday" visitors and the change in nursery location (we were unaware of) for Easter.

After church we headed to a very yummy buffet at Haymarket Grill. We were lucky enough to have 2 of the 3 take their bottles propped during our meal and only Jack decided he needed to see what was going on and what mommy was eating. He actually started to pull at my plate and stick his fingers in my food for the first time at Easter Brunch. Addison finally finished her bottle and caught her grandpa's eye. So he took her for a few minutes to talk and play...only to quickly give her back stating she was very "stinky". Addison's new trick is to fill her pants to the point of leaking whenever we get her in a dress with tights. I think the tights to her is a challenge...she's thinking "can I make my messy diaper actually seep through my tights??"
We headed back home after brunch to Skype Memere and Pepere and then to watch a family egg hunt sponsored by G'ma Jean. During our "skyping" the kids opened a very large box from Memere and Pepere full of Easter goodies. The kids were spoiled this year with cute new outfits, great new bibs, books, binky holders, new hats (including red sox caps), new shoes and much more.

The egg hunt started about 2pm after my cousin, Jeff and his wife and kids came to participate. There were over 100 eggs sorted into two categories: little girls (my cousin's kids) and big boys (my nephews). During the hunt, we took out our triple stroller to entertain my crabby kids. They loved having Grandma push them over the bumpy lawn.

Brittany came to visit us this weekend while her hubby James was visiting his grandma. She brought the kids some fun Easter gifts,too. They decided to that the babies were too little for candy so they got them new bibs and Gerber jars of fruit. What a fun idea!

After a fun-filled day the kids were in their pjs and ready for bed by 7pm. Scott and I have been getting a few hours now of down time, yay!
Here they are during the hunt...in their stroller

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  1. LOVE the sweater vests!! How sweet! So you've got an overloaded poop filled baby too huh? I think it's a trend for babies who are almost 6 months! Can you believe 6 months already?? Good work getting to church on time! We are always late, and I have one baby *no excuse!* Always fun to read your blog!